COVID-19 Solution: Bring your workforce back into the office safely, compliantly, and successfully with Locatee Portfolio Insights

Locatee Portfolio Insights is a cost-effective solution that helps bring your workforce back to the workplace by surfacing crucial office occupancy data. With no hardware or onsite installation required, Portfolio Insights can be set up safely and is designed to scale.

Bring your COVID-19 situation under control by:

  • Monitoring your entire portfolio’s health
  • Customising occupancy targets
  • Keeping everyone informed through intuitive and exportable reporting



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Our second Business Case talks about HVAC optimisation: How occupancy steered HVAC generate savings. Read about the impact on employees and how it improves the sustainability of buildings.

Learn more about:

  • Calculating the business case of HVAC optimisation
  • The importance of occupancy analytics in office building sustainability
  • How an optimised HVAC system ensures the employee well-being and increases the attractiveness of a company
  • Calculation example on how HVAC optimisation leads to a cost reduction of USD 149’000 per year (for a company with 100’000m2 or approx. 9000 employees)
  • Calculation example on avoiding USD 99’600’000 of costs pear year by decreased employee absence for a company with 20’000 employees


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