The Locatee Workplace Insights Score

The Locatee score is a capability and readiness score, commissioned by Locatee and delivered by Forrester Consulting, that defines how mature your organization is when it comes to using data in making decisions related to your workplace.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Locatee.

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The Locatee Workplace Insights Score

It will help you understand where your company is on the journey to using data to optimize your Corporate Real Estate portfolio and the workplace experience. Your personalized result will provide you with actionable steps to fill the gaps in gathering, managing, and tracking data at your firm, so that you can improve employee satisfaction and productivity, facilities operations, and the ability to meet ESG requirements.

Data Readiness Framework

The need for a data readiness framework

The future is unpredictable, but as the return to work progresses, companies have no choice but to adapt as they go. As we transition to a technology-driven workplace, with hybrid and flexible methods at the forefront, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities professionals will be forced to experiment based on the data that is available to them. But insights aren’t actionable if they aren’t manageable. To build an environment that’s future-proof and agile, businesses need to have the right technology in place, holistic and comprehensive data, and the skills to make informed decisions and take action.

What industry experts are saying

Sabine Ehm
Sabine Ehm

Thought Leadership & Research Manager, Locatee

With the new questions that Hybrid Work has raised, we think that the way forward for CRE is with a different view on data. We’ve seen that companies who were regarding diverse insights to shape their future workplace strategies appear more confident. So, we felt there was a need for organizations to better understand where they are in terms of their own data readiness to be able to define the next necessary steps. So, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to develop the study and assessment.

Steven Bell
Steven Bell

CRE Business Value Consultant, Locatee

Companies without data-mature CRE operations will fall behind in supporting a flexible workplace because they fail to blend data for a complete picture of their workplace experience. The Workplace Insights Score allows me to show our clients where they stand with their organization and based on that define their individual roadmap.

How it works

The readiness score

The Workplace Insights Score Assessment comprises a short series of questions that will measure your company’s current and future ability to collect, manage and track data at your firm. Your organization will be benchmarked against 321 companies’ data maturity based on 3 key pillars: technology, people/data, and knowledge/skills. The assessment will show where your firm falls on the workplace insights grid and provide you with a personalized recommendation for improvement.

A workplace decision-maker’s current and future ability to collect, manage, and track workplace data determines an organization’s data readiness.

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