(Auf Englisch) Identify easily your individual savings potential within your real estate portfolio. This ROI Calculator will give you an estimate of what you can expect for your company size.


  • Choose what your goal is (Cost optimisation, enhance Workplace Experience, or both)
  • Select the number of buildings you want to analyze (1-1000 buildings)
  • Indicate the number of square meter it concerns (1'000 - 1M sqm)
  • Select number of employees for indicated workspace (500-500k employees)
  • Receive your potential OPEX savings per annum

Real estate is the second-largest cost item, therefore CREMs play a significant role in a company’s future profitability. Two typical daily challenges of Corporate Real Estate Management are:

  1. Identification of optimisation potential
  2. Personalization of workplaces

But what potential lies hidden in your real estate portfolio? Our ROI calculator will help you to estimate these costs.

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