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Making the right CRE decisions with Sabine Ehm.

This is the podcast where we speak with Corporate Real Estate executives to learn how they make decisions day by day to shape the next generation workplace.

Hosted by Sabine Ehm. Presented by Locatee.

Latest episodes

30: Using real estate as a service to create experience

Sheila Botting is Principal & President Americas Professional Services at Avison Young. She shares her lessons on how to build up for employee experience starting from the grounds of base building and company mission.

29: Best Of on the Future of Work and the challenges of Change Management

Featuring Jon Sheh (Johnson & Johnson),Rolf Sulen (Equinor), Jose Luis Sanchez Concha Ibarra (formerly Gensler), Nicola Millard (BT), Brittney Van Mattre (formerly Nike), Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen (Ericsson), Patrenia Werts Onuoha (formerly Shell), Putri Realita (Danone) and Steven Bell (formerly Wella).

28: Best Of on employee experience as the new critical factor

Featuring Peter Baumann (SAP), Jon Sheh (Johnson & Johnson), Roel Stroeken (Philips), Gloria Mamwa (Standard Chartered Bank), Melanie Mack (JLL), Rob Blair (Sprinklr), Nicola Millard (BT), Steven Bell (formerly Wella), Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen (Ericsson), Rhebeckha D’Silva (Revolut) and Jenna Geigerman (Citrix).

27: Best Of on Data Readiness and the constraints of the Real Estate market

Featuring Liz Burow (formerly WeWork), Roel Stroeken (Philips), Patrenia Werts Onuoha (formerly Shell), Marta Lima (Vodafone), Nadim Stub (PropTech Denmark), Rolf Sulen (Equinor), Oliver Lehmann (MindSpace) and Thomas Glatte (BASF).

26: Best Of on the specifics of decision-making in Corporate Real Estate

Featuring Liz Burow (formerly WeWork), Peter Baumann (SAP), Rolf Sulen (Equinor), Gloria Mamwa (Standard Chartered Bank), Rob Blair (Sprinklr), Agne Zemaite (Colliers), Thomas Glatte (BASF), Rhebeckha D’Silva (Revolut) and Jenna Geigerman (Citrix).

25: The data journey towards compelling workplaces

Jenna Geigerman is Director Real Estate & Strategy at Citrix. She shares how they are embracing the question of future user behavior to drive their hybrid workplace strategy and what they are providing to enfoster the office as a compelling workplace choice.

24: CRE for high growth tech companies

Rhebeckha D’Silva is Global Head of Real Estate at Revolut. We discuss the differences between Corporate Real Estate in established organizations and tech companies, and she speaks about Revolut’s journey to their new workplace program “RevLabs”.

23: The approach to personalize user experience

Mikkel Lyngbo Nielsen is Vice President, Chief Real Estate Officer & Head of Group Real Estate at Ericsson. He lets us in on how they are deliberately creating chaos to model the Future of Workplace and are striving to keep a cross-functional approach to shape user experience beyond the pandemic.

22: Entwining business and workplace priorities

Steven Bell is Head of Real Estate at the Wella Company. He shares his experiences on how to define workplace strategies from a blank canvas and within the framework of financial success criteria.

21: Promoting employee engagement

Brittney Van Matre is the former Director of Workplace Strategy and Operations at Nike. She is advocating for the workplace to look beyond providing seating options to creating unique experiences to drive connection and engagement.

20: The dimensions of workplace experience

Putri Realita is Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Danone. She explains how workplace experience is built not by the office facilities alone but very much by company policies, HR processes and team leader behavior as well.

19: Defining the Future of Work

Nicola Millard is Principal Innovation Partner at BT. We explore the differences of digital, flexible, and hybrid working and what the common ground is. She also highlights the shifts that will be required in our work culture.

18: PropTech

Nadim Stub is Managing Director at PropTech Denmark. We discuss technology as an enabler for workplace change and what the biggest challenges are in implementation and adoption of PropTech.

17: CRE strategy

Thomas Glatte is Director Global Real Estate at BASF. We go into the fundamentals of Corporate Real Estate and he shares why sometimes you still need to break business’s resistance.

16: Evaluating drivers in the workplace

Agne Zemaite is a Workplace Consultant at Colliers and an anthropologist by education. We go into how to strike a balance between meaningful data collection and acting upon it.

15: The CoWorking experience

Oliver Lehmann is General Manager at Mindspace. We dive into the world of CoWorking looking at design of space, creating and curating desirable experience and building strong communities.

14: Scaling up and keeping agile

Rob Blair is Senior Workplace Manager EMEA at Sprinklr. He explains how they are using the flex lease market in growing their portfolio and why they always put employee experience first.

13: The Digital Workplace

Marta is an Innovation Manager at Vodafone. We exchange on drivers for creativity and innovation, how employee experience has changed in remote work and what can be done to support wellbeing and socializing in the digital workplace.

12: CRE technology for the Return to Work and beyond

Melanie Mack is Head of CRE Technology EMEA & Digital Solutions at JLL. She lets us in on how CRE technology supports the Hybrid Workplace and how CRE managers can get ahead to prepare for Return to Work.

11: Workplace behavior

Gloria Mamwa is Regional Head of Property, Africa & Middle East at Standard Chartered Bank. She shares how she is addressing the challenge of leading her team remotely and why she thinks CRE cannot wait and see but must adapt to become more agile.

10: New design strategy principles

Jose Luis Sanchez-Concha Ibarra is Design Strategy Director for Latin America at Gensler. We touch upon the specifics of the Latin American office market and have a look at how space modeling is evolving across geographies.

9: Corporate Real Estate in the US

John Goldschmidt and Matt Golia are operating out of the Locatee office in New York. We explore the findings of our study on CRE in the US and they share notes from their workplace experience among different companies.

8: Positioning the office as a strategic asset

Rolf Sulen is Advisor Corporate Real Estate at Equinor. We dive into the challenges of conveying and measuring value contribution of the office space and ponder levers for change within CRE but also for the real estate market.

7: Crisis management and scenario planning

Patrenia Werts Onuoha is a former Real Estate Strategy and Portfolio Manager for Shell in Nigeria. We cover the topics of people’s needs, business resilience, and taking the small simple step approach to embrace business challenges.

6: Customer journey

Stève Cattin is the Head of Marketing at Locatee. We explore the fundamentals of both Marketing and CRE – empathy, consumer experience and data.

5: Balancing Portfolio Optimization and Workplace Performance

Roel Stroeken is the Head of Real Estate EMEA at Philips. We discuss how they built their portfolio dashboard and how to tie real estate decision-making to overarching business initiatives.

4: Engineering inclusive workplace experience

Jon Sheh is the Director of Workplace Strategy at Johnson & Johnson. We speak about how companies should support the new flexibility of workplaces, adapt workplace strategy and how to proof the selected concepts.

3: Merging Business, People and Location Strategy

Peter Baumann is the Global Head of Real Estate & Facilities Projects at SAP. We go into the shift of perception in Corporate Real Estate towards a more people-oriented approach and how to draw on data for workplace decisions.

2: Building a business case for change

Liz Burow is a Workplace Design and Research Consultant and former Director of Workplace Strategy at WeWork. In our conversation we are talking about how companies can tackle the new narrative around the workplace and be bold creating environments that will cater different dimensions of workplace purpose.

1: Welcome to The Workplace Leader Podcast!

Making the right CRE decisions with Sabine Ehm. This is the podcast where we speak with Corporate Real Estate executives to learn how they make decisions day by day to shape the next generation workplace.
Hosted by Sabine Ehm.
Presented by Locatee.

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