COVID-19 Solution: Bring your workforce back into the office safely, compliantly, and successfully with Locatee Portfolio Insights


Better workplace management

Realise savings potential in your office buildings with the help of Locatee analytics.


Understand how different spaces are being used

Reduce the risk of inaccurate workspace allocation and overspending and provide the right working areas to meet employee needs. Plan for future space requirements based on your company’s workspace usage data.


See how your floors are being used in real time

Easily monitor the live and aggregate data of your buildings. Locatee detects the most and least used workspaces in your company at any given time, so you can adjust your facility services according to worker demand.


Optimise cleaning services according to actual use

Adjust cleaning cycles and routes based on real-time utilisation of facilities and aggregated utilisation time of work areas. Focus on cleaning areas that were actually used, thus reducing cleaning efforts and costs but also work disturbance.

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Workplace Operations

Portfolio Insights Plan

Workplace Operations Plan

Workplace Experience Plan

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Do you want to identify optimisation potential in your real estate portfolio or enhance your employees’ workplace experience? Find out how Locatee can help you there too.

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