Partner Ecosystem

Uncovering Workplace Insights Together

We have established a broad partner ecosystem and join forces with leading companies worldwide to facilitate workplace analytics for the good of the employees.

We orchestrate the ecosystem for you

Your partner of choice

Locatee is your partner of choice to deliver workplace intelligence to your organization. We provide the core system and the support on your journey - internally and externally.

Fully flexible system

To multiply the value, our system is fully flexible - we select the right partners with data providers to feed your intelligence system, and partner with application providers to support the actions you take the insights.

Data partners

To augment the coverage, quality and value of your workplace intelligence insights, we partner with IT and data providers.

Application partners

To multiply the value and widen the use cases for the data, we partner with service providers whose solutions are superpowered through Locatee's data.

Data Partners Ecosystem

The journey to workplace intelligence is not a straight road.

It starts with the existing data sources that Locatee leverages to create initial workplace insights.

Then, to cover additional priorities and use cases, new sources of data can be implemented and integrated, to feed Locatee and enrich the insights and the value you get from our system.

Here are some of the partners we can work with “out of the box”.

However, our open-API system allows us to be flexible and integrate new partners on demand.

Wifi & Ethernet


Workplace Environment Data

Booking Data

Application Partners Ecosystem

Transform the insights into actions.

Once the data is processed, anonymized, and secured within Locatee’s intelligence platform, it’s time to use those insights to inform workplace changes.

Locatee works with 3rd parties to unlock further uses to the data

Office Navigation

Smart Cleaning

ESG & Smart Building

Workplace Application

How it works

Locatee’s workplace analytics software leverages data from a variety of sources, processes everything using unique patented technology and visualizes it all in one place.
By placing intelligence right at your fingertips, Locatee helps you make the best decisions for your workplace.

Sources of workplace intelligence

Your sources of data: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Team data, Sensors, Surveys, Bookings, Badge etc.

Locatee's intelligence engine

Locatee's patented engine and Locatee's workplace data science team process your data

Insights tailored to your organization

Standard dashboards accessible to anyone in the organization, custom reports and dashboards according to your specifications

Contact us to hear more about our highly adaptable workplace analytics solution.

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