Data sources

Strong data sources for strong actionable insights

Avoid Garbage In - Garbage Out

You will never be satisfied with your workplace insights if you can’t leverage the right data sources. Locatee’s fully flexible intelligence platform not only integrates the sources you have and need – we advise you on which ones to use.

Aligning data sources to use cases

Not all workplace data was created equal. Each data source has its own qualities and limitations. To cover your needs, a combination of various data sources is almost always required – and we have the expertise to determine that with you!

The data sources Locatee integrates:

Locatee’s workplace intelligence platform automatically and continuously does what only an army of data analysts would be able to do for you: collect, process and combine multiple sources of data to deliver the insights you need.

  • collect
  • process
  • combine

Click through below to see some of the major data sources we already integrate for our customers.

Portfolio Insights User Interface

Workplace occupancy


  • Cisco AireOS
  • Cisco IOS-XE
  • Cisco Spaces
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Aruba Central
  • Aruba Mobility Controller
  • Extreme Networks
  • Juniper Mist
  • Custom via API


  • Cisco Switches
  • HPE and HP Aruba
  • Huawei
  • Custom via API


  • VergeSense
  • Thingdust
  • Custom via API
  • Pointr
  • Pressac
  • Butlr
  • Haltian
  • KNX
  • Pointgrab

Workplace environment

Building Data

  • Floorplans
  • Lease data
  • Resource positioning & usage
  • Structural data
  • Energy expenditure
  • CAFM/IWMS data

People Data

  • Headcounts
  • Device Inventory
  • VPN connections
  • Team/Business Unit Attributes
  • Grades / Ranks / Hierarchy attributes
  • Demographic data
  • Badge Data
  • Manual Counts

Workplace culture


  • Engagement Data

Booking Data

  • Booking Statistics
  • Meeting Data (attendees)

How it works

Locatee’s workplace analytics software leverages data from a variety of sources, processes everything using unique patented technology and visualizes it all in one place.
By placing intelligence right at your fingertips, Locatee helps you make the best decisions for your workplace.

Sources of workplace intelligence

Your sources of data: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Team data, Sensors, Surveys, Bookings, Badge etc.

Locatee's intelligence engine

Locatee's patented engine and Locatee's workplace data science team process your data

Insights tailored to your organization

Standard dashboards accessible to anyone in the organization, custom reports and dashboards according to your specifications

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