Stop wasting millions on unused space

Optimize your portfolio costs while ensuring employee safety and satisfaction with data from your existing wired and wireless network. Locatee gives you the insights you need to make the right decisions.

Other decisions you can make with Locatee

  • Should we terminate a lease?
  • Can we place an additional team in a building or on a floor?
  • Can we reduce the number of desks provided per area or per team?
  • Can we reassign space?
  • How much space should we take up at a new location?
  • Can we change from fixed to flex desk seating?

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How to optimize your Corporate Real Estate costs

The world's leading companies optimize their real estate costs with Locatee

Andrea Ruhl headshot

Andrea Ruhl

Head Connectivity Services and Information Technology, Swiss Re

The financial benefits to Swiss Re are obvious. It is now easier to capitalise on opportunities that we were entirely unaware existed. In our Munich office we could reduce space by 10%, allowing Swiss Re to save EUR 290'000 per year. Now imagine the portfolio-wide potential.

Why Locatee

No hardware costs

Locatee is data agnostic and uses your existing wifi and ethernet networks – or existing sensors – to measure your office utilization. You don’t need to invest in hardware.

No maintenance costs

Locatee sits in the cloud so you’ll never need to worry about onsite installations, maintenance, and costs.

The most scalable solution on the market

Whether you need information on 10, 100, or 1000 buildings, Locatee can measure and analyze it all.

"74% of companies are reducing office space. 4 billion Sq Ft in the US alone"


How it works

Locatee’s end-to-end solution collects, processes, and presents your office occupancy and utilization data


Data is gathered

via your existing IT networks or already installed sensors

  • No additional hardware
  • Completely remote setup
  • 100% scalable
  • Data-agnostic (other data sources can be used)

Data is processed

is turned into workplace insights by Locatee's patented analytics engine

  • Anonymization protects privacy
  • Secure cloud environment
  • Aggregation with floor plans and custom location attributes

Data is visualized

in Locatee Workplace Analytics allowing you to make fact-based decision on your real estate portfolio optimisation.

  • Historic and live building-, floor-, and zone-level measurements
  • Interactive dashboard featuring customizable metrics and KPIs
  • Exportable data and reporting

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