The scalable enterprise solution for workplace analytics

Drive corporate real estate results with Locatee's suite of solutions.


From workplace intelligence to elevating workplace experience to an API that lets you do more with your data, Locatee’s solution and services help you across a range of use cases.

Locatee Workplace Analytics comprises

  • Locatee Analytics

    Locatee Analytics is an interactive web-based analytics software. Whether you're in charge of CRE strategy or focused on the facilities of a single building, our flagship product delivers the insight you need when it comes to office occupancy and utilization.

  • Smart Signage

    Locatee's Smart Signage is a digital signage solution that provides live overviews of building and floor occupancy, making it ideal for entrances and reception areas.

  • Locatee Admin

    Locatee Admin enables you to manage Locatee for your entire organisation: define access roles, customise assigned workplaces and zones, and more.

  • Locatee API

    Using Locatee's API, you can leverage the data and insights gathered by Locatee to build internal applications for your own proprietary use.

Locatee meets your needs

  • Single sign-on

    Enjoy a hassle-free login experience while boosting productivity and IT security

  • Continuous development

    Two-week product release cycles means robust software and quick resolution times

  • Web-based software

    Access Locatee's dashboards using just your web browser and your company network

  • Customizable features

    Set KPIs which are most relevant to you and create custom location attributes for different departments, desk setups, and working areas

  • Locatee API

    Our API lets you leverage data and insight gathered by Locatee for your company's internal use

  • Exportable reports

    Export your data on-demand into reports for steering meetings and executive updates

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