Your strategic decisions, backed by the best data

Locatee Portfolio Insights equips you with the analytics to identify growth  opportunities, spot savings potential, and develop your portfolio strategy with confidence.


Stay effortlessly informed on your portfolio performance

Locatee surfaces the vital details of each building in your portfolio such as peaks, occupancy targets, and usage trends. Intuitive filters make finding the information you need a breeze.


Identify savings and optimization potential

Continuously flowing data lets you see space constraints an surpluses, anticipate future real estate demand, and turn optimized workspaces into recurring corporate savings.

Portfolio Insights Optimization

Remove the risk from workplace changes

Ensure compliant distancing on the office floor, keep your building operations running smoothly, and take the doubt out of workplace planning with custom KPIs and automatic alerts.

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Consolidate buildings to optimise your real estate portfolio


Features that illuminate your portfolio

Need a more detailed view to make your workplace planning decisions?

Are you looking to maximize your facility cost savings or enhance the workplace experience for your employees? Locatee’s Workplace Operations plan has even more features and granular data to turn your office operations into a well-oiled machine.

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