COVID-19 Solution: Bring your workforce back into the office safely, compliantly, and successfully with Locatee Portfolio Insights


Identify savings
and growth potential

Develop your real estate strategy with confidence based on the most accurate space usage data.


See how your real estate portfolio is actually being used

See usage statistics for your building at a glance and quickly identify sites with the most potential for optimisation and improvement. Locatee’s analytics empowers you to make objective real estate decisions.


Measure office occupancy and plan for growth

Identify space constraints, track building utilisation goals, anticipate future real estate demand, and plan for growth with confidence.


Use Locatee Analytics to develop consolidation scenarios

Compare target utilisation with actual utilisation and immediately identify sites with the greatest potential for consolidation.

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Consolidate buildings to optimise your real estate portfolio


All these use cases are covered in our plan

Portfolio Insights

Portfolio Insights Plan

Workplace Operations Plan

Workplace Experience Plan

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Do you want to realise savings potential by managing workplaces efficiently or enhance your employees’ workplace experience? Find out how Locatee can help you there too.

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