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I work in corporate real estate and facilities management. How can Locatee add value to the strategic and operational decisions of our company?

Compared to other workplace analytics solutions, Locatee is globally scalable by using existing Ethernet and Wi-Fi data. By leveraging office occupancy data from various sources (such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, sensors, and APIs) and visualizing it all in one place, Locatee gives you the information you need to identify optimization potential in your portfolio. Monitor occupancy, utilization, plan your office space strategy, and manage a flexible office by using historic and live data.

There are other workspace utilization measurement methods available. How do I know which is the right solution for my company?

Locatee's workplace analytics software combines data from a range of various sources. (Learn more about how it works here). Hence, most other solutions are not competing with Locatee, but rather serve as an additional data source, which can be integrated into Locatee to get applicable insights out of the data. Locatee focuses not only on the data collection (e.g. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, sensors) but also on the data aggregation and visualization – and has a proven track record of doing this across global office portfolios.

Locatee combines the advantages of different data sources and makes sure that the data is not only collected, but aggregated, combined and visualized to provide actionable insight for corporate real estate management – all accessible anytime through the interactive web-interface.


How are the utilization rates measured based on our existing IT infrastructure?

Locatee is a data-agnostic workplace analytics software that combines different data sources depending on the needs and use cases of our customers. (Read more how it works here). When leveraging an existing IT infrastructure, Locatee combines IT-data with CRE-know-how. Locatee collects data from an existing IT infrastructure to locate devices within buildings and thus determine the utilization. The indoor-positioning system for Wi-Fi uses signal strength and Locatee’s machine-learning algorithms, turning the existing IT infrastructure into an indoor positioning system similar to a GPS.

How accurate are your measurements especially when using my Wi-Fi infrastructure?

The accuracy depends on your specific use cases and your current IT infrastructure. Are you looking for a general overview of the utilization rate of your worldwide portfolio or do you want to drill down on the utilization of a particular area?

Locatee is built with scalability in mind. Its ability to leverage different data sources coupled with the fact that it requires no hardware to deploy makes rolling Locatee out across large portfolios much easier compared to other solutions on the market. Case in point: if you start measuring with Wi-Fi and then develop further use cases requiring more insight (e.g. for a phone booth), you can take advantage of Locatee's option to integrate with sensors.

Contact our sales team to discuss your use cases and the optimal measurement methods.

How do you measure occupancy if our employees are using multiple devices?

Locatee can integrate different device categories depending on the use cases (e.g. company-issued devices such as notebooks or bring-your-own devices such as smartphones or tablets). This allows Locatee to deduplicate different devices to a single anonymous employee in order not to double-count the measurements.

Contact our sales team to discuss the best suitable approach for your company and systems.


Is our employees’ privacy guaranteed with Locatee?

Locatee measures the utilization of office buildings and does not track what individual employees do. Locatee has been designed with privacy at its core. To provide maximum data protection to employees, all data are anonymized on the customer premises, so that no conclusions on the behavior of single individuals can be drawn at all. No personally Identifiable Information is stored in the historic data-base.

Find more information about privacy in our factsheet.


Is it possible to integrate Locatee into other systems?

Yes, through the Locatee API. Locatee is built with a strong focus on use cases to ensure long-lasting benefits. Hence, Locatee can be integrated with various technologies and systems to fully leverage the existing infrastructure and information that is already collected. This not only applies to the data sources which can be fed into Locatee, but also to the enhanced and aggregated data, which can be exported to scale the workplace analytics solution across an entire real estate portfolio. A REST API allows us to fully exploit the existing information. Typical integrations are CAFM, IWMS, BMS or HVAC systems.

How is Locatee typically deployed?

Locatee operates a centralized and standardized platform architecture that covers the entire spectrum of hosting, processing, and visualizing your office utilization data from beginning to end. A detailed project plan for the implementation will be created in close collaboration with our customers, tailored to their specific needs and the respective data sources.

Contact our sales team for more information and to receive a project plan blueprint.

I am not sure if my existing Wi-Fi infrastructure is sufficient for accurate measurements. How many Wi-Fi access points do I need and where do they have to be positioned?

The ideal Wi-Fi infrastructure depends on specific use cases and the layout of the office building. Also, it depends on the availability of additional data sources (e.g. Ethernet, sensors) which can be combined with Locatee.

Contact our experts to evaluate your available data sources and your use cases.

Does Locatee support on-premises deployments?

No, Locatee is a cloud-based analytics solution. Our Locatee cloud is what enables us to remain agile, data-led, and ultimately provide more value to our customers. Cloud technology has grown by leaps and bounds when it comes to providing flexibility, scalability, affordability, and data security. For these reasons, Locatee does not support on-premises deployments.

Can I deploy Locatee on my organization’s private cloud?

No, Locatee does not support private cloud deployments, as some features cannot be maintained on a private cloud environment. The Locatee cloud enables us to take full responsibility of data security, monitoring, backup, and product updates. If you’re looking to deploy Locatee across many buildings in your portfolio, the Locatee team can help you assess your use cases and cloud setup needs.

How can I roll out Locatee across a global portfolio?

Locatee has a proven track record in providing workplace analytics across global portfolios of our customers. We leverage existing data sources such as Ethernet & Wi-Fi, which allows a scalable rollout across an entire real estate portfolio.

Currently, Locatee is rolled out in office buildings across six continents. Read how Locatee enables Swiss Re to design the office of the future with portfolio-wide location-based services and space optimization.

Contact our sales team to start your success story across your global portfolio.


I would like to deploy Locatee. How much does it cost?

Locatee is available as an annual subscription. The yearly fee for the workplace analytics software depends on the plan chosen and is calculated per square meter/foot per year. Thanks to the scalability of the software solution, a volume discount applies: the larger the measured area, the lower the price per square meter/foot. Additional costs might occur depending on the leveraged data sources.

The yearly subscription fee includes all patches, software updates, and new features of the “Portfolio Insights” or “Workplace Operations” subscription plans.

Have a look at our license plans and contact our sales team to discuss your individual pricing.

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