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What does Locatee do, exactly?

Locatee provides corporate real estate leaders, facility managers and workspace planners with analytics and live, consolidated workplace occupancy data. Our analytics help you to understand which workspaces people need and use. This enables you to fit your global portfolio and buildings to the optimal size and design the best employee experience at the right cost.

What sizes/types of companies benefit from Locatee?

Locatee can help any large enterprise that primarily employs knowledge workers (typically, 1.000+ employees). Our customers are national, multi-national or global organizations in industries such as financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, consulting, government, etc.

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Is Locatee a desk booking tool?

No, Locatee is not a desk booking tool; it’s a workplace analytics platform. That said, as part of the platform, we offer the possibility to validate booking data. We also have a smart signage add-on, which allows your employees to see available workplaces in real-time without needing to book at all.

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How is Locatee different from the other solutions I’m looking at?

Most solutions on the market measure your workplace occupancy with physical sensors. The Locatee analytics platform can combine multiple sources of data - including those you already have, like Wi-Fi and Ethernet - to tailor a solution to your organization and use case.

Do we need to install Locatee on our computers?

No, you do not need to install Locatee locally. Locatee is a Cloud-based, SaaS solution that can be managed entirely remotely.

What about our current setup - Wi-Fi, sensors and tools?

Locatee is a data-agnostic analytics platform that adapts to your existing infrastructure. Book a demo call with one of our real estate experts to find out how your current setup can be leveraged in Locatee to deliver occupancy insights.


How does Locatee work?

Locatee gathers information on workspace utilization using your company’s existing IT infrastructure (Ethernet/Wi-Fi) and sensors (optional). The collected data is anonymized and transferred securely to Locatee’s Cloud, where it is processed and visualized through our web-based dashboards.

What level of detail can Locatee provide?

It depends on the available data sources. Locatee can measure your entire real estate portfolio, giving you a consolidated view across countries, locations and buildings. It also lets you drill down as granular as floors, meeting rooms and even single workspaces and phone booths.

What infrastructure do we need to have?

Locatee does not require specialized infrastructure. Since we combine different methods of data transmission, our service can handle whatever type of infrastructure you have. Sensors can be added to our solution to cover additional use cases where specific granular data may be needed (e.g. Meeting Room Analytics).

How does Locatee retrieve the data?

There are four ways that Locatee can retrieve data:
- Via SNMP: We can collect SNMP information from your on-premise LAN and WLAN equipment via our Locatee gateway (on-premise)
- Via your Cloud-managed network: We can collect data through an API integration with the vendor (available with Cisco Meraki or Aruba Central)
- Via Locatee Input API: You can push your network information directly into Locatee.
- Via our sensor partner’s Cloud: We can collect sensor data through an API integration with the vendor

What makes Locatee’s technology unique?

Locatee primarily analyzes data from your company’s existing IT infrastructure (e.g. Ethernet or Wi-Fi). Depending on your specific business needs, additional data sources like sensors can be incorporated. This allows us to provide a complete overview of your entire real estate portfolio, no matter how large it is or how many locations you have.

We provide both historical data and real-time insight. That makes it easy to test hypotheses, simulate workspace scenarios, and adapt to your workforce’s ever-changing needs.

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Privacy & Security

What kind of data does Locatee process?

Locatee processes data for the analysis and visualization within the product, for that, we do not require any personal data at all. We use non-personal information like anonymized MAC addresses, office plans, and other technical data.
For the end users’ access to the Locatee platform, limited personal data is processed (e.g. the facility manager’s name and email address).

Which measures are in place to protect personal data?

We have an ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified information security management system (ISMS) in place that addresses the relevant data protection aspects and covers all of our assets, processes, and services. Data protection is also an important part of our working culture and is a key element of our daily work. Most importantly, no personal data of employees is captured by the Locatee platform, we only receive anonymized utilization data to process.

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Is Locatee GDPR-compliant?

The protection of personal data is a fundamental part of our platform and of our working culture. We comply with GDPR and we keep privacy top-of-mind as we grow and improve. For instance, all personal data gets anonymized on the company premises before it gets sent to the Cloud.

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Which other privacy laws or regulations do you comply with?

In addition to GDPR, we also comply with other country-specific data protection regulations. These include, for example, the Swiss Data Protection Act (revised version) and current US privacy legislation.

Are Locatee’s products approved by workers' councils (Betriebsrat), unions and trade associations?

Yes, our products have been reviewed and approved by several workers' councils, unions and trade associations. As we grow our solution, we ensure that these high standards continue to be met.


Which internal resources are needed?

Locatee captures utilization data from your existing network infrastructure. We will work closely with your Network & Security team to set up the solution according to your infrastructure and requirements.

Which departments need to be involved in the decision?

Different stakeholders may get involved at different stages. The Corporate Real Estate department typically drives initial conversations. The Finance or Procurement department might get involved for sourcing and contractual topics. The Network & Security Team is involved during the setup, and the local Real Estate or Facilities Management Team is involved for the on-site implementation.

Can I add additional buildings/sites after we set up the contract?

Yes, Locatee is easily scalable. You can bring in new buildings or expand the solution to include additional features at any time. Get in touch with us for further information on how to proceed.

Product & Pricing

What are the different products that Locatee offers? Is Locatee a one-size-fits-all solution?

Locatee offers workplace analytics software to measure, analyze and optimize workplace occupancy and workspace design. We offer different plans and will work with you to help you determine which plan suits you best.

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How much does it cost?

Locatee is available as an annual subscription. The yearly fee depends on the chosen plan and is calculated per square meter/foot per year. Additional costs may occur depending on which data sources are used. All patches and software updates to the chosen plan are included.

> Contact our Sales team to get a demo and discuss your individual offer.

How does billing work?

Typically, you’ll receive a bill from Locatee every year before the start of the next license period. Of course, payment and billing can be customized according to your purchasing processes, as well.

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