Locatee builds trust in the data

Organizational trust in data is a fundamental requirement for workplace analytics.

Locatee’s processes and tools are uniquely positioned to help you build this trust across your organization.

Locatee’s process

Creating trust in data in your organization

A number of complexities and challenges create a risk to data trust

Different technologies

A variety of operational needs are solved by different technologies, creating multiple data points and data sources of different qualities.
Results in a high risk to data consistency and accuracy.

Multiple data sources

Multiple data sources serving different stakeholders almost systematically mean a fragmented, siloed data situation.
Results in a high risk to data consistency and accuracy.

Multiple stakeholders

A high number of stakeholders with specific requirements and/or decision-making.
Results in a high risk to data quality, availability, and actionability.


Misalignment between use cases and data sources.
Results in a high risk to data quality and completeness.

Locatee has developed a methodology to mitigate
the risk to data trust within the organization.

We take our customers through a tailored, best-in-class data maturity process to deliver availability, accuracy, 
accessibility, actionability, and down the line, predictability.

From Pilot Phase to Global Portfolio Rollout

“Without a holistic view of their data portfolio, decision-makers struggle to get actionable insights from any of their data types […] 55% of decision-makers said their organizations’ workplace data comes from too many sources for them to effectively manage.”

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Locatee, July 2021

Data Calibration by Locatee

  • Process done hand-in-hand with your dedicated Locatee team
  • Selection of internal data sources with the customer
  • Testing and filtering data combinations against a control value
  • Sets the right expectations at the onset of the workplace
    analytics project

Data Validation by Locatee

  • Data validation tool in the Locatee admin interface
  • Performed at any point by any admin user
  • Safeguards trust in data along the project

What generates trust in data?

To bring value to a Company, data must be:

  • consistent
  • accurate
  • complete
  • timely
  • traceable
  • unique and orderly

How to build trust in data?

Get data cleaned and validated. Locatee has built-in expertise in this process.
We have tested, calibrated, and validated multiple data sources for more than 50 global organizations.

Locatee expertise

A proven process for:

  • Data calibration
  • Data validation

Ensures your workplace intelligence is fully proofed and ready for acceptance across your organization.

Locatee is trusted by the world’s leading companies

in more than 60 countries

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