Individual Space Analysis

Get the most accurate and granular data to understand exactly how your meeting rooms and other sensor-enabled spaces are being used.

Take a closer look into the utilization of any meeting room or space equipped with occupancy or people-counting sensors

Individual space analysis lets you investigate whether your spaces are being used in the most efficient way possible. Know a meeting room’s precise location, how often it is occupied, how often it is free, and when it is most frequently occupied. If people-counting sensors are used, Locatee also indicates how many people are present in meetings.

The right metrics to evaluate your individual spaces performance

Space Type Metrics

Utilization rates

Understand which space types are used most frequently

Live view

See space type utilization at a glance in real time

Utilization timeline

Check how certain space type usage change over time

Weekly patterns

View patterns of space type usage on specific days

Overall space type utilization view

Compare utilization of different space types

Individual Space View

Utilization overview

See overall utilization of specific spaces

Visitor analysis

Analyze the number of attendees per meeting in specific spaces

Utilization timeline

Check individual space usage change over time

What decisions can I make with individual space analysis?

  • Are there too few meeting spaces on a floor?
  • Which meeting rooms should be cleaned more frequently?
  • Which meeting room is best suited for repurposing?
  • How often is a meeting room unused?
  • How many people usually have a meeting in this space?
  • Is the meeting room being used as intended?

Individual Space Analysis, unlocked


Avoid over-purchasing of additional phone booths by better understanding how existing space can be repurposed (i.e. divide meeting rooms)


Analyze which specific desks are the least used with live-data for individual work spaces. Site managers can then devise initiatives to make them more popular.


Understand if you have the ‘right’ meeting rooms. You may have disproportionate amounts of large meeting rooms, but actual usage patterns could indicate a need more small meeting rooms or collaboration zones.


Right-size meeting rooms (with people counting sensors) with possible actions such as deploying phone booths when meeting rooms are often used by only 1-2 people.

How it works

Locatee’s meeting room occupancy analytics is available as a Workplace Operations add-on and provides a closer look at individual, sensor-enabled spaces such as meeting rooms, phone booths, pods, and more.

Through either occupancy or people-counting sensors, you can find out exactly how often individual spaces are used, to what extent, and how they may be adapted to an increasingly hybrid work environment.

Contact us to find out how Locatee can support your portfolio and cost optimization plans.

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