We measure workspace occupancy, not individual empoloyees

Locatee includes strong measures to comply with local privacy and IT security regulations

An alleged trade-off between data analysis and data protection

The topic of data protection is getting increasingly more important, while companies want to make more objective decisions that are based on data. At first glance, this might appear to be a typical trade-off, especially after the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The legislation’s intent is to improve the rights of individuals with regard to their personal data and its protection. The regulation applies to all EU-based businesses, as well as anyone processing the personal data of EU citizens.

Individual privacy employees is our top priority when its comes to workspace analytics

Consequent aggregation

To prevent being able to make statements about single employees, it is ensured that each team consists of at least 10 employees

Role-based access model

The insights are provided via a web interface, which is protected by access control that ensures that only authorized personnel can analyse the collected data

Kept within company network

The data remains in control of your company as the application is installed on premise, in your company’s own data centre. Thus, no data leaves your IT infrastructure at any time.

Transparent communication

Besides technical and organisational measures, we recommend and support a transparent communication with your employees regarding the deployment.

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