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Locatee measures occupancy, not people

We provide valuable workplace insights in compliance with data protection regulations.

We believe in the smart and diligent use of data

As new technologies continue to emerge and reshape the world we live in, topics surrounding data privacy and protection are becoming ever more important. At Locatee, our mission is to empower corporate real estate leaders and decision-makers to make the best possible workplace decisions through the smart use of data. With that said, we are fully committed to the privacy and security of individual employees and enact strong measures to comply with local and international privacy regulations.

Locatee's commitment to protecting employee privacy

Anonymization and encryption

Locatee is GDPR-compliant and enacts strong measures to ensure the proper encryption and anonymization of personally identifiable data.

Aggregation and abstraction

Locatee removes any identifiers which can be traced to an individual employee. For any teams with fewer than 10 employees, Locatee displays a higher level of abstraction.

Data ownership

Data remains in control of the company. Locatee does not own or sell any of the information it gathers. The collection, processing, and visualization of data by Locatee is a service and has no effect on the ultimate ownership of the data.

Role-based access control

Insights are provided via a web interface which is protected by role-based access control. Only authorized personnel may analyze the data collected and processed by Locatee.

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