COVID-19 Solution: Bring your workforce back into the office safely, compliantly, and successfully with Locatee Portfolio Insights

Tackle your most pressing COVID-19 issues with Locatee


Satisfy company leadership questions and ensure your workforce feels safe.


Prevent legal conundrums by crafting localised return-to-office strategies.


Support your business in resuming company operations with minimal disruptions.

Corporate real estate leaders and workplace directors have a mandate to understand the usage of their office buildings or they face the risk of rupturing their business. Managers left in the dark are not only uninformed: they are gambling with both company operations and employee health. So while it's smart to keep distance, leave no room for doubt in your corporate real estate portfolio.

Bring the situation under control with Locatee

Poise your organisation for the volatility of an increasingly unpredictable, fluctuating, and flexible world of work. Locatee Portfolio Insights is a cost-effective solution that helps bring your workforce back to the workplace by surfacing crucial office occupancy data. With no hardware or onsite installation required, Portfolio Insights can be set up safely and is designed to scale.

Monitor your entire portfolio's health

See at a glance which buildings in your corporate real estate portfolio have too many people and where social distancing guidelines are not being kept. Follow the changes in office occupancy of your offices over time and validate the implementation of your office-return planning.

Set COVID-19-specific occupancy targets

Create and adjust custom occupancy targets per building and ensure your back-to-work strategy is in line with the realities of regional offices. Locatee lets you know whenever a building in your portfolio exceeds its safety-adjusted threshold so you can react quickly and always stay abreast of new developments.

Keep everyone informed anywhere, anytime

Portfolio Insights make executive briefings informative, incisive, and effortless, with data to help you dig into occupancy patterns, office density peaks, and more. Choose from a selection of utilisation metrics and export reports in Excel- and PowerPoint-friendly formats.

The most scalable and cost-efficient solution

Safe & remote setup

Portfolio Insights can be set up safely for your entire corporate real estate portfolio remotely; no onsite visits or clearance needed.

No hardware

Locatee gathers workplace occupancy data via LAN and Wi-Fi, so there's no need to purchase any additional or costly hardware.

Guaranteed ROI

As workplace habits become increasingly flexible, Porfolio Insights reveals growth and optimisation opportunities too.

Trusted by global leaders

"Over the course of the last few months, Locatee data was crucial in helping our management team implement COVID-related protective measuse."

Patrick Preisendanz
CAFM Specialist, Zurich Insurance

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Locatee Portfolio Insights is a cost-effective solution that helps bring your workforce back to the workplace by surfacing crucial office…

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