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Locatee gives you the insights you need to make the right decisions. Embrace the future of work and achieve higher employee satisfaction.

Other decisions you can make with Locatee

  • Do we need to add certain workplace types?
  • Which areas in our offices need the most improvement?
  • Can we promote a more flexible work culture without taking on new office space?
  • Can we reassign space?
  • Can we place an additional team in a building or on a floor?
  • How much space do we need at a new location?

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Nicole Stutz

Office & Facility Management, Biogen International GmbH

Understanding how an organization uses its workspace is fundamental to creating an effective and efficient working environment. Thanks to Locatee Analytics we were able to obtain granular insights into our space utilization and take workspace decisions with great confidence; simply based on our existing IT infrastructure!

Why Locatee

No action needed from employees

Locatee measures the actual space utilization so that you don’t have to rely on inaccurate data from desk-booking tools.

The most scalable solution on the market

Let your global portfolio benefit from Locatee’s insights. 10 or 1000 buildings, we measure and analyze it all.

Respects employees’ privacy

We measure occupancy, not people. All data is anonymized and aggregated in compliance with data protection regulations.

"74% of employees will leave companies that don't offer flexible working"


How it works

Locatee’s end-to-end solution collects, processes, and presents your office occupancy and utilization data


Data is gathered

via your existing IT networks or already installed sensors


Data is processed

is turned into workplace insights by Locatee's patented analytics engine


Data is visualized

in Locatee Workplace Analytics allowing you to make fact-based decision on your real estate portfolio optimisation.

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