Get more from your data: Locatee custom reports

Every organization is unique – unique structures, legacies, challenges and stakeholders.
This uniqueness requires unique data, and customized service, by Locatee.

Our reports

Complementing the Locatee dashboards and API, Locatee’s customized reports support the generation and dissemination of organizationally-relevant data to achieve key CRE and Workplace objectives.

How it works

Your sources of data: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Team data, Sensors, Surveys, Bookings, Access control etc.

Locatee’s patented engine and Locatee’s workplace data science team process your data

Your customized workplace reports, delivered to you in the most convenient format

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Why Locatee reports

  • Tailored reports
  • Easy distribution
  • Quick turnaround
  • No installation
  • No API needed

Who uses Locatee Reports

For Locatee Customers

For C-level executives

For Workplace Leaders

For Analysts, Research, Journalists

Locatee is trusted by the world’s leading companies

in more than 60 countries

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