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Swiss Re

Designing the Office of the Future


Locatee enables Swiss Re to design the office of the future with portfolio-wide location-based services and space optimization. This case study shows how it allows Swiss Re to design the office of the future.

Company Info

Swiss Re

Swiss Re is one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, insurance and other forms of insurance-based risk transfer. They have implemented Locatee Analytics in their office buildings around the globe.


Netcloud is one of Switzerland‘s leading experts in planning, implementing, and managing ICT solutions. Their focus is broad knowledge and vast experience in the areas of Security, Network, Collaboration, Datacenter, Managed Services, Cyber Defence, Professional Services and the Cloud.


  • Swiss Re‘s journey to becoming a digital enterprise, involved aligning the office design with employees needs and the company‘s vision.
  • To realise this, Swiss Re turned to Netcloud as a strong IT-partner and combined Cisco‘s network infrastructure with Locatee‘s solution.
  • This allowed to measure workspace utilisation in real-time and without additional hardware.
  • With the insights of Locatee, Swiss Re identified unused space and has already realised savings potential of EUR 290.000 per year alone in their Munich office.

How it works?

Designing the Office of the Future

Whether you’re an employer or an employee — office design matters. For employees, it‘s a quality that makes you proud to come to work. It might have even factored into your decision to join the company in the first place. For employers, enabling your employees
through thoughtful, high-functioning office design has a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.

As one of the world‘s leading providers of reinsurance and insurance, Swiss Re is dedicated to making the world more resilient — and that begins at their headquarters. Swiss Re offers fresh perspectives, knowledge, and capital to help business of all types better anticipate and manage risk. To accomplish these goals, employees need a supportive office design, which is why Swiss Re launched the Smart Building and Service Solution Initiative. To realise the project Swiss Re needed a strong partner and therefore turned to Netcloud – Switzerland‘s leading experts in planning, implementing, and managing ICT solutions.

„After Netcloud’s successful implementation of the Cisco and Locatee solution as pilot programs in Munich and Bratislava, we were so pleased with the scalability and the overall success that a global rollout was the obvious way to go. Today we are optimising workspaces on 6 continents.”

Andrea Ruhl
Andrea Ruhl
Head Connectivity Services and Information Technology, Swiss Re

Real-Time Insights Require Real-Time Data

Once the scope of the project was defined, Netcloud acted as a “general contractor“ and with Swiss Re’s underlying data of the Cisco infrastructure, Netcloud suggested to build on top with Locatee‘s solution. By allowing Cisco to team up with Locatee, the existing IT infrastructure was leveraged and allowed the analysis of workspace utilisation across the entire real estate portfolio, individual buildings, floors, and departments. This approach helps to reduce maintenance to a minimum while providing continuous and real-time
data. The insights allow Swiss Re to reduce costs, while also ensuring employees needs are being met – just in a more efficient manner than ever before.

Benefits Highlights

Leveraging the Existing IT Infrastructure

The workspace analytics platform is designed to collect data from an IT network, thus providing real-time workspace insights.

Power of New Insights

The solution enables to see which buildings are underutilized and why, drilled down to specific floors in various offices.

Visibility of the Entire Portfolio

Seeing the whole porfolio enables to optimise resources everywhere for maximum impact from both a design and financial perspective.

The Results

An Investment in Your Employees

Locatee‘s platform was rolled out throughout the entire real estate portfolio and allowed the Corporate Real Estate team to make fact-based decisions.

  • Easy implementation: The solution was deployed remotely by Netcloud and Locatee. Now Swiss Re has portfolio-wide visibility and is able to optimise resources for maximum impact from both a design and financial perspective.
  • Real-time insights: The insights show which buildings are underutilised and why. By taking a granular look at the data, even down to specific floors in various offices. Key stakeholders such as Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management have access to data and can extract valuable insights out of it.
  • Realising savings potential: Based on insights from Locatee, Swiss Re decided to decrease the space in the Munich Office by 10% because it wasn‘t utilised and could be reduced without detriment to the employees. The reduced space included workplaces, shared offices, meeting rooms, and think tanks. The reduction will save €290,000 per year in the Munich office alone

„The financial benefits to Swiss Re are obvious. It is now easier to capitalise on opportunities that we were entirely unaware existed. In our Munich office we could reduce space by 10%, allowing Swiss Re to save EUR 290’000 per year. Now imagine the portfolio-wide potential.”

Andrea Ruhl
Andrea Ruhl
Head Connectivity Services and Information Technology, Swiss Re

Insights to Power the Future

The financial benefits to Swiss Re are obvious. It will now be easier to see where time, money, and attention should be directed to have the biggest impact on long-term goals. In addition, it will enable employees to work smarter on a daily basis. The insights that they now have available will enable to create higher functioning, more productive, and more collaborative offices for their employees. The leading companies of tomorrow invest in their employees today.

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