Was unsere Kunden mit Locatee erreicht haben.

Making building systems smarter

Combining utilization and weather forecast with the joint solution of Locatee and MeteoViva bettered Post Finance’s indoor climate and their energy consumption.

Planning long-term workspace demand

Utilization insights enabled Biogen to identify workplace areas with capacity for ‘collaborative’ or ‘silent’ work areas as well as for future headcount growth.

An objective indicator for space capacity

FHNW uses Locatee data to compare space capacity, seminar bookings and actual utilization. This approach allows them to refine their space projection.

Taking data-driven decisions

Building on the utilization data from Locatee allows UPC to lead discussions with senior leadership CFO on an objective level.

Optimizing real estate footprint

Deploying Locatee to their global portfolio allowed Swiss Re to capitalise on opportunities that we were entirely unaware existed.

Identifying optimal sharing ratios

Swiss Post determined how teams use their assigned areas to improve work settings while reducing occupancy cost by 15%.

Managing the Return to Office

Zurich Insurance developed their strategy to master Return to Office by using utilization data provided by Locatee.

Maximizing resources with smart cleaning

Leaning on utilization data enabled Deloitte’s cleaning services to become more efficient and supports their sustainability goals.

Locatee in 60+ Ländern

Unser Produkt ist bereit in über 60 Ländern erfolgreich ausgerollt.

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