Locatee Gives Staff Flexibility to Work From Home – Forever

(Auf Englisch) Locatee announced today that effective immediately, its employees can work from home if they choose to do so forever.

ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND—Locatee, the workplace analytics solution that provides office occupancy and utilisation intelligence, announced today that effective immediately, its employees can work from home if they choose to do so forever.

“What we’ve seen over the past several months is the world’s largest remote working experiment,” says Thomas Kessler, co-founder and CEO of Locatee. “Although COVID-19 has presented many disruptive challenges, this is one we’ve managed to overcome. We’re certain that by giving our team the choice and freedom to choose their workplace— whether it’s in the office or at home—we’ll not only stay productive, but we’ll be improving overall employee well-being.”


Driving the company mission and culture

“Results from our internal staff survey revealed both a real desire and a beneficial impact of working from home on the lives of team members,” explains Charlotte Maurin, Locatee’s HR Manager. “Our core mission at Locatee has always been to create environments where people love to work: these environments don’t necessarily need to be represented by a physical space anchored to an office building.”

The company does not plan to reduce any office space and will maintain the current size of its headquarters for its staff members who wish to continue working from the office on a regular basis. “One thing we’ve learned during this time is that the office will not lose its relevance—it will take on a more purposeful significance, one that is more human-centric, more collaborative. We’re not becoming a fully remote company: our physical office in Zürich remains an essential part of creating interactions and shaping our team culture,” says Kessler.


Building business-critical products and services

As the company continues to develop its product and services for organisations looking to measure the occupancy and utilisation of their own real estate portfolios, it expects an even more pressing demand from workplace leaders and corporate real estate for its products and services. “During this time, leaders and managers need to measure and understand the changes and fluctuations that are taking place within their office buildings. We want to help them navigate through these challenges. We’re motivated, determined, and our journey feels more meaningful than ever before.”


About Locatee

Locatee is the leading workplace analytics solution that transforms data into space utilisation insight. Developed with a strong focus and a deep understanding of the corporate real estate challenges facing the modern world of work, Locatee empowers workplace leaders to make decisions about their business buildings with confidence.


Media contact

Gregory Wén
Locatee AG
+41 43 508 51 23

Stève Cattin
Locatee AG
+41 43 508 51 23

About the author

Gregory Wen

Gregory Wen

Product Marketing Manager

Greg ist seit 2019 Mitglied des Locatee-Teams. Als ehemaliger Marketingmanager beim Produktivitätstool Evernote und der flexiblen Personalbeschaffungsplattform Coople ist er tief in alle Themen rund um die Zukunft der Arbeit, die Flexibilität am Arbeitsplatz und die Produktivität im Büro involviert. Er verfügt über einen in der Schweiz und den USA akkreditierten Bachelor-Abschluss in Internationalem Management und Marketing.

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