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Navigating the Complex Smart Building Landscape

A comprehensive use case guide for Corporate Real Estate professionals

Navigating the smart building landscape: Memoori and Locatee have jointly compiled a White Paper to help CRE professionals and facilities management address their priorities and navigate towards a strategy for “smartening” their building portfolio.

The White Paper will help you to

  • learn more about the 7 attributes of Smart Buildings
  • discover the trends shaping the future of Smart Buildings
  • identify your most important CRE Use Cases in 2019
  • take the 3 steps to get closer to a Smart Building


Navigating the complex smart building landscape: Download the Whitepaper!


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Memoori (also read the Memoori report from 2018) was hosting a joint webinar on use cases in the smart building landscape with Thomas Kessler, CEO of Locatee.

Navigating through the wealth of use cases in the smart building landscape is not easy. Although technlogy is evolving rapidly and offers a vast number of smart buildings solutions, there is no one path on how to transform one’s organisation into a more human-focued building.


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About the author

Daphne Tomlinson

Daphne Tomlinson

Industry Expert at

As a competitive intelligence analyst, Daphne Tomlinson is the author of private client studies, multi-client reports, white papers and industry commentary on key players and market trends in the building technologies sector.

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