Bring your workforce back! (video)

In this video we show you what features you can expect with Locatee’s COVID-19 Portfolio Insights solution.

Locatee Portfolio Insights is a cost-effective solution that helps bring your workforce back to the workplace by surfacing crucial office occupancy data. With no hardware or onsite installation required, Portfolio Insights can be set up safely and is designed to scale.


Bring your COVID-19 situation under control by:

  • Monitoring your entire portfolio’s health
  • Customising occupancy targets
  • Keeping everyone informed through intuitive and exportable reporting


The best thing about Locatee?

It already works on your existing IT infrastructure. No costly hardware required.



Eager to learn more?

Plan your office return NOW!




More than ever before, corporate real estate leaders and workplace managers need to understand how their office space is being used in order to bring their workforce safely and successfully back to the office.

In an increasingly volatile world of work, Locatee Portfolio Insights provides the data and analytics needed to navigate the uncertainties of your organisation’s safety, compliance, and operations. With Locatee, you can monitor your entire portfolio’s health, set COVID-19-specific occupancy targets, and keep every stakeholder informed anywhere, at any time.

Here’s how you can use Portfolio Insights to plan your workforce’s return to the office.

With “Portfolio Insights”, you can keep the overview of your entire portfolio’s health. Filter and view office occupancy and utilisation by region, country, city, or building. See at a glance which buildings have too many people and where distancing guidelines are not being met.

Portfolio Insights also allows you to set custom occupancy targets.

You can easily create and adjust custom occupancy targets for every building in your portfolio. In this way, you can ensure that your back-to-work strategy is in line with the realities of your regional offices. Locatee lets you know whenever a building exceeds its safety-adjusted threshold, so you can react quickly and alway stay up-to-date.

Portfolio Insights has the data to help you dig into occupancy patterns, investigate density peaks, and keep your organisation’s health, safety, and compliance a priority. Exportable data means you can make executive briefings effortless and incisive and keep everyone informed at all times.

The best thing about Locatee is that all this already works with just your existing IT infrastructure. Getting Locatee Portfolio Insights up and running is safe and easy. Setup is done remotely for your entire corporate real estate portfolio. No onsite visits or clearance is required, which makes Locatee the most scalable solution to measuring workplace occupancy. Furthermore, because Locatee works by gathering data using your buildings’ LAN and Wi-Fi networks, there’s no need to purchase any additional costly hardware. As workplace habits and behaviours become increasingly flexible and fluctuating, Locatee surfaces trends, growth, and optimisation opportunites in the long term and provides continuous data to help you align your workplace strategy to the ever-changing realities of work.

If you want to learn more about Locatee Portfolio Insights, we’ve made a comprehensive fact sheet for you that you can download straight from this page. For more ways on how Locatee can help you and your organisation, speak with one of our Locatee experts about Portfolio Insights today. Thanks for watching, and stay safe!


About the author

Gregory Wen

Gregory Wen

Product Marketing Manager

Greg joined the Locatee team in 2019. As a former marketing manager at productivity tool Evernote and flexible staffing platform Coople, he is deeply immersed in all topics concerning the future of work, workplace flexibility, and office productivity. He holds a dual Swiss- and US-accredited BA in International Management and Marketing.

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