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Locatee Now Integrates with Meraki!

The integration with Cisco Meraki enables Locatee to continue being the most data-agnostic solution for measuring office occupancy and utilization.

With over 2.8 million buildings worldwide already using Meraki, it’s a fact: more and more companies are turning to the cloud to manage their IT network infrastructure. Therefore, integrating with Meraki’s cloud-managed IT solutions for Wi-Fi measurements is not just another way to measure workplace occupancy: it means that rolling Locatee out across your portfolio is now easier if your building is one of the 2.8 million using Cisco Meraki access points and switches. By sharing Wi-Fi data measurements directly to Locatee, you can rest assured that your data flows seamlessly from your networking infrastructure straight to Locatee’s dashboards.

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How it works

While Locatee has always been able to read data measurements from local area networks (LAN) and pick up signal information from wireless LAN controllers (WLC), it wasn’t possible to retrieve data directly from Meraki’s cloud-managed wireless access points or cloud-based data center—until now. The new API integration with Meraki means that Locatee can now be set up to receive location information directly from the Meraki Cloud in just a few simple steps.

  1. We’ve already prepared Locatee to receive data from your Meraki infrastructure.
  2. In the Meraki Dashboard, your IT admin enables the sending of localized data measurements to Locatee.
  3. Locatee receives, processes, and then visualizes Meraki measurement data on Locatee Analytics.

More ways to measure and make better CREM decisions

Our latest integration with Meraki enables Locatee to continue being the most adaptable solution on the market to measure workplace occupancy across corporate real estate portfolios. So whether your focus is to

  • consolidate your sites, 
  • define budget needs,
  • or reassign current workspaces, 

Locatee’s workplace analytics will surface the data you need from your existing IT infrastructure—no matter how it’s set up— to help you make better corporate real estate decisions. 

If your buildings are currently using Meraki and you’re curious about uncovering workplace insights with Locatee, speak with one of our workplace consultants today.

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About the author

Gregory Wen

Gregory Wen

Product Marketing Manager

Greg joined the Locatee team in 2019. As a former marketing manager at productivity tool Evernote and flexible staffing platform Coople, he is deeply immersed in all topics concerning the future of work, workplace flexibility, and office productivity. He holds a dual Swiss- and US-accredited BA in International Management and Marketing.

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