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PostFinance reduces energy costs and saves resources thanks to MeteoViva and Locatee



Post Real Estate Management and Services AG has rolled out Locatee in more than 20 locations to analyse workplace utilisation. One of them is the data centre  Zofingen, where MeteoViva Climate is being employed to optimise indoor climate. The incorporation of Locatee data within MeteoViva Climate allowed for more precise indoor climate forecasts and savings in resources. This results in significant added value not only for employees and proprietors, but also for Facility and Corporate Real Estate Management teams.

The Challenges of Cost Pressure and User Satisfaction
The wellbeing of the employees is essential for a productive working environment, which is heavily influenced by indoor climate. Creating such a climate brings along various challenges, such as the cost pressure that CREM and FM are subject to. It is expected that resources are saved on the one hand, and ideal conditions for employees are created on the other hand.

The Zofingen data centre addresses both challenges thanks to MeteoViva Climate and Locatee: Locatee’s occupancy data is evaluated in order to optimise space supply in the long term on the basis of current building utilisation. MeteoViva Climate provides the data basis for controlling building technology according to actual conditions, which not only improves the indoor climate but also saves resources such as heating, cooling, and ventilation costs.

Company info


MeteoViva Climate is the future of facility management: forward-thinking, self-learning, with over 3.5 million operating hours of experience in buildings worldwide. The model-based Smart Data solution achieves an optimised indoor climate while simultaneously significantly reducing operating and energy costs as well as carbon emissions.



Locatee is the leading Workplace Analytics Solution for workplace optimisation through detailed insights into building utilisation. Locatee enables large companies to make fact-based decisions regarding their real estate, and changes the way employees interact with their office buildings.


  • Investment in sustainability due to the first-time use of Locatee’s utilisation data in MeteoViva Climate
  • Improvement of indoor climate for increased user satisfaction
  • Optimisation of HVAC can lead to reduced resource costs up to 45%

How it works?

New Solution Thanks to Pairing of Two Smart Data Platforms

Until just recently, MeteoViva Climate has been employing static daily and weekly profiles for their estimation of room utilisation. Now, they use Locatee’s measurements of occupancy data to generate dynamic profiles and to calculate prognoses of occupancy for the following days. With this information, it is possible to create an exact simulation of the impact of future numbers of employees on indoor climate. Heating, cooling, and ventilation can therefore be adapted «just in time» and in line with actual demands.

Benefits Highlights

An optimised indoor climate results in increased employee wellbeing, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity.

The analysis and evaluation of reliable data sources facilitates the simplification of building operations based on objective measurement data.

The control of heating, cooling, and ventilation tailored to current requirements not only has a positive effect on the environment and sustainability, but also allows you to save costs.

The Results

Saved Costs and Improved Indoor Climate: a Benefit for Management and Employees

MeteoViva Climate creates a pleasant room climate for the employees, which leads to fewer complaints due to less draught and lower temperature fluctuations. This is made possible by MeteoViva Climate’s optimal control of the systems, while at the same time keeping energy consumption as low as possible. Facility management requires less time for operational monitoring, as well as for energy management and necessary interventions can be carried out in a targeted manner. All in all, investments are being made in the sustainability of the building and the value of the building is therefore being increased: the objective was achieved in the data centre Zofingen and the comfort in the office space was noticeably improved. Heating was reduced by up to 5%, cooling systems by up to 45% and electricity consumption by up to 20%.

„Thanks to the integration of Locatee into MeteoViva Climate, the operation of the building services systems is optimised and costs can be saved. The comfort in the offices has improved significantly, resulting in increased employee satisfaction.”

Daniel Zurbrügg
Facility Management, PostFinance
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