Case study

UPC Schweiz: Taking data-driven Real Estate decisions based on reliable data


UPC Schweiz GmbH is using occupancy data for their decision making. Reto Landert, Facility Manager at UPC Schweiz GmbH, states that using Locatee‘s objective and reliable data led them to added-value on different levels.

Company Info

UPC Schweiz

UPC Schweiz GmbH is one of the leading telecommunications and media providers of Switzerland with more than 1‘500 employees.

Benefits Highlights

Increased Space Utilization

Satisfy Space Requests

Management Reports

Identify impacts on utilization

„The trustworthy data allows us as CRE to lead discussions with our CFO on an objective level and to define and achieve different target utilisations across our office buildings – while also taking into account our employees‘ well-being.”

Reto Landert
Facility Manager at UPC Schweiz GmbH

The Results

  • Identification of under-utilised areas and floors. As an example, in one office building 4’500 sqm could be subleased, which yielded in substantial cost reduction and helped increase the space utilisation to the targeted 85%.
  • Pro-active retention of 900 sqm that were temporarily not in use due to volatile projects. This area helps to easily and quickly react on future space requests from the business lines and to satisfy their needs.
  • Automatically created management reports of the present and historical space utilisation.
  • Pro-active identification of organisational changes and how these affect the space utilisation, e.g. identification when a project phase ends and the respective desks are no longer required.
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