Adding another use case for the utilization data that we’re already
collecting with Locatee was a natural next step and the collaboration with Soobr stepping up our building operations.

Thanks to the integration of Locatee into MeteoViva Climate, the operation of the building services systems is optimised and costs can be saved. The comfort in the offices has improved significantly, resulting in increased employee satisfaction.

Locatee Analytics provides objective data on the utilization of different departments, zones, floors and buildings. These data highly enable facility managers to take objective decisions with a long-term impact, such as to guide through discussions with line managers on their space requirements as the facility managers can lead the discussion and take data-driven decisions based on the trustworthy data: define the peak utilization and the right number of required workplaces, accordingly.
Furthermore, Locatee Analytics allows us to optimize our portfolio planning and space efficiency, which results in a high ROI. For example, as EY is continuously measuring the occupancy across different office buildings, we are able to plan the new office building in Geneva according to the actual utilization and the identified space needs of the employees to increase their productivity and happiness, as well as to optimize the footprint.

The trustworthy data allows us as CRE to lead discussions with our CFO on an objective level and to define and achieve different target utilisations across our office buildings – while also taking into account our employees‘ well-being.

For us, the main advantage is that we have a purely data-based solution that does not require hardware investments of any kind – this was also the reason we chose Locatee Analytics.

Understanding how an organisation uses its workspace is fundamental to creating an effective and efficient working environment. Thanks to Locatee Analytics we were able to obtain granular insights into our space utilisation and take workspace decisions with great confidence; simply based on our existing IT infrastructure!

Locatee data took a lot of importance during the last weeks and was needed in order to implement the necessary measures taken by the management.

Our service provider now has more detailed insight into cleaning performance, and can adapt to building utilization while improving job satisfaction for their staff – a win-win situation for all.

In our Munich office, we were able to reduce space by 10%, allowing us to save $300,000 per year. Now imagine the portfolio-wide potential.

Being part of Locatee has proven to be a challenging but rewarding experience. It’s exciting to develop an innovative product alongside such creative and driven professionals. Passion and fun is the name of the game here at Locatee!
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