Being part of Locatee has proven to be a challenging but rewarding experience. It’s exciting to develop an innovative product alongside such creative and driven professionals. Passion and fun is the name of the game here at Locatee!

At the forefront of interest is of course cost, in an attempt to do more with less and manage costs better, many organisations aim to streamline and reduce their portfolio size.

As part of the DevOps team seeing how automation makes things easy and reliable is very rewarding for me. Allowing other colleagues to deliver the final product faster is a seamless way to take care of them. Growing with Locatee means to become a part of it and it is simply great!

One of our main responsibilities as a professional IT service provider for large local and international organisations is to provide a network infrastructure that allows our customers’ business to prosper. Providing additional value with Locatee without impacting the primary function of the existing LAN and WLAN is a Win-Win situation for all stakeholders.

As a developer seeing our product and its features grow and mature over time has been very rewarding for me. However what is even more rewarding is being part of the team that grows with it.

We live diversity! With a humanities background, working in a tech company is challenging. I had the chance to dive into a totally new world and to benefit from this interdisciplinary exchange. Sharing knowledge, passion, fun – that’s what we’re all about.

So far this has been a fantastic ride! Benedikt and Thomas are doing everything possible to make working here an enjoyable experience. Never thought you could actually have so much fun at work while getting interesting stuff done!

Working at Locatee means being part of a growing, dynamic and constantly moving project. The level of commitment and camaraderie is extraordinary. I discovered a great opportunity to introduce myself into a new professional branch merging my background as an architect with the tech world.

Working at Locatee is a great pleasure. Because there are so many different people coming from various backgrounds (IT, business, humanities, architecture, …) there‘s always something to learn and the team dynamic fosters new ideas and inputs.

I was hungry for diving into a Tech Start Up and here I am, at Locatee, working together with talented Engineer, Product and Business teams fully enjoying this exciting experience! We are steadily growing and are so much looking forward to having more awesome Locateers and shaping, together, the company.

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