Locatee mentioned in Forrester’s “The Future of the Office” report

Locatee is proud to announce our mention in Forrester’s, a renowned research and advisory company, recently published reports.

Locatee is proud to announce our mention in Forrester’s, a renowned research and advisory company, recently published reports: The Future of the Office and Master the Messy Middle of Hybrid

Forrester is known as one of the most influential research and advisory organizations worldwide in understanding and identifying current trends, the development, and the direction of the business and technology markets.


What can you find inside The Future of the Office and Master the Messy Middle of Hybrid?

The last few years have of course seen rapid changes and increasing questions being asked of the office environment. Pandemic lockdowns, “return to office” movements, decisions on hybrid policies, dynamics in the labor market and general economic turmoil have all contributed to making the conversation around the role of the office a very heated debate.

One major question comes out of this context: “What is the role of the office?

Forrester’s The Future of the Office provides global leaders with a reference to support the integration of the office in future-of-work strategies, and to help them plan today for the office of tomorrow. Broadly, the report answers that central question: the role of the office is to become a networked employee engagement engine. And it also formulates how to do just that.

Master the Messy Middle of Hybrid is more specifically offering a reference for leaders in navigating what Forrester calls “anywhere-work” strategies by identifying key common challenges, offering proven solutions, and giving tangible tactics to implement.

How Locatee supports leaders to define the Future of the Office

A strong workplace data programme is a crucial foundation to align the physical office “service offering” to employees’ engagement goals. While this notion was somewhat novel only a few years (or even months) ago, it is now commonly accepted: the office supply cannot achieve any of its goals without being defined by the office demand. These goals include portfolio size and cost management, workplace experience/engagement, and energy efficiency.

Our customers rely on the depth of Locatee’s workplace data to define their decisions to achieve these goals with concrete actions: by ensuring office space aligns with headcounts and presence patterns; by understanding the space types required to guarantee the optimal office experience; and by allowing the optimization of resource consumption such as energy or cleaning. 


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Locatee is the leading workplace analytics solution that transforms complex data into space utilization insight. Developed with a deep understanding of the corporate real estate challenges facing the modern world of work, Locatee empowers workplace leaders to make decisions about their business buildings with confidence.

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Raphael Morgulis

Raphael Morgulis

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Raphaël is our PR/AR manager at Locatee. As a young child, he was fascinated with connecting the dots images where drawing lines between disconnected spots created a meaningful and beautiful image. He hasn't changed that much since, as he now tries to do the same with words for a living.

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