Many companies have spent months preparing for the great return, but even as offices begin to open up, it looks like hybrid work is here to stay!

The shift to a permanent flexible model will offer a unique opportunity for organizations to optimize their office spaces to increase productivity and engagement. In order to make the most of the opportunity, agile companies will have to ask questions like ‘Which teams collaborate?’, ‘How much time do people spend in the office?’, ‘Are workers spending time in their assigned neighborhoods?’, and more!

Join our free webinar to see Locatee’s newest feature, Team Analytics, in action and learn how you can use it to:

○  Right-size office space to meet team’s needs

○  Enable productive teams by implementing a hybrid work success policy

○  Allocate costs to teams based on actual usage


Watch the full webinar here:

Webinar Host

Gianluca Tumiatti, Sales Director – UK & Italy at Locatee

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It’s time to start listening to employees and building a workplace based on succinct and holistic success metrics.  Watch our webinar, No Guts, No Glory, to find out how you can embrace new ways of thinking to revive workplace performance in a hybrid era.

Based on a study done by CoreNet Global on behalf of Locatee, this webinar equips industry professionals with actionable advice to help them understand and master a new workplace world.

You’ll learn:

  • – What the evolution toward CRE will look like
  • – The top 3 important decisions for CRE right now
  • – How your portfolio structure is keeping you from reaping the benefits of hybrid work
  • – Why CRE & Finance’s strong partnership could be a threat to workplace performance
  • – How to bridge the gaps to agility regardless of what workplace strategy you employ

Watch the replay:


Sabine Ehm – Thought Leadership and Research Manager, Locatee

Raphaël Morgulis – Analyst Relations Manager, Locatee


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