A new era of work, characterized by flexible models and employee-centered offices, is bringing with it countless new concepts and buzzwords that workplace leaders will have to add to their lexicon.

The differences between terms like, hybrid work and remote work, or hot desking and hoteling, may feel insignificant. But as fast-paced companies focus on analyzing their workplace models and establishing metrics for success, having a solid grasp of both old and up-and-coming terms will be vital.

Join Locatee’s Thought Leadership Manager, Sabine, & Research Analyst, Lauren, to learn about the pre-pandemic terminology that is here to stay, and the hybrid work terms that will pave the way for our return to office!

Watch the full webinar here:

Webinar Hosts

Sabine Ehm, Thought Leadership and Research Manager at Locatee

Lauren Dreifuss, Research Analyst and Trend Scout at Locatee


Corporate Real Estate needs to develop new performance measures for office spaces. Looking only at density or cost per square meter is not enough to understand and determine today’s workplace needs.

In this joint webinar together with Cognitive Corp. we dived deeper into the topic of the future workplace and discussed topics such as:

  • – The workplace of tomorrow
  • – Workplace Leaders roles and how to enable future workplaces
  • – Success factors for Corporate Real Estate Managers
  • – Tools workplace leaders should familiarize themselves with

The webinar took place on the 9. December 2020, 5.00-6.00pm (CET) during which we answered your questions online. Watch the recorded video below!



Sabine Ehm – Thought Leader, Locatee

James Waddell – Executive Vice President, Cognitive Services


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