Desk Booking. Simplified.

Introducing Locatee Space Booking.

We have used our workplace analytics knowledge to take the unnecessary out of desk-booking. Our booking system cuts through the noise for you and your employees.

Just what’s needed. Setup in days.
No hardware. No download.

Bring your employees back to the office safely

Employees want to come back to the office and you want to make it safe for them to do so? With Locatee Space Booking you ensure a controlled influx of people and an environment where COVID-19 measures can be respected.

Booking without the pain of desk-booking

Give your employees the confidence that there’s a space for them at the office without the hassle of booking a specific desk. With our flex capacity feature, unused desks & no-shows are a thing of the past.

Setup in days.
Not months.

It only takes a few days to set up. You provide a list of buildings with their capacity, we take care of the rest. Our different plans and dedicated customer success manager provide you with just what you need. Not more. Not less.

Locatee is trusted by the world's leading companies

in more than 60 countries

How it works for your employees

Single sign-on
and booking overview

Employees sign-in on their mobile or desktop browser using their usual company credentials. They see their existing bookings and can add new bookings.

One-click booking
and visual indicators

Once they select the office to which they’d like to go, our traffic light system indicates the planned office occupation, and they can pick a date that fits their preferences.

Space Navigator
(Enterprise Plan)

When they arrive at the office, employees can check our Space Navigator and direct themselves to the less busy spaces.

Social Collaboration

(coming soon)

Collaboration is the reason #1 why employees want to go to the office. Locatee Space Booking foster it with its social collaboration features: employees see which of their colleagues are there or let them invite their teammates with just one click.

Automated check-in

As Locatee measures actual utilization,
there is no need to check in once you arrive in the office.

100% no-download

From a phone, table or desktop? Your pick.
Locatee Space Booking works with a web link.

"What if you could get a booking system that paves the way to the office of the future?"

Combine the simplicity of Locatee Space Booking with the power of Locatee Portfolio Insights & Locatee Workplace Operations. With the insights Locatee gets from your existing IT networks added to the Space Booking data, you make the right decisions to make the office of the future a reality.

We offer up to a 75% discount on Locatee Space Booking when purchased together with Locatee Portfolio Insights or Locatee Workplace Operations.

Because enabling places where people love to work is our mission.

Your benefits

Booking analytics

Compare booked data vs. actual utilization data to understand your employees’ booking behavior.

Your own brand

Flawlessly integrate Locatee Space Booking with your corporate identity using our customization and white labeling option.

Flex Capacity

Locatee Space Booking calculates the ideal booking capacity depending on your actual and target utilization. You can enable safe overbooking (airline model).


Know who booked which space on each day in case you need this information for COVID safety measures.

Why combine booking and space utilisation data?

Only by combining both data sources, booking data and space utilization data, you get the full insights you need to provide the right space for your employees.

– Identify utilization bottlenecks and act upon it.

– Safely overbook a building if there is a consistent no-show rate (similar to airlines)

– Auto adjust the bookable capacity based on comparing bookings vs. real utilization

Our plans

Just like the rest. Easy & uncomplicated.


Full setup included

Unlimited end-users

Single sign-on**

One-click booking


Full setup included

Unlimited end-users

Single sign-on**

One-click booking

Booking Analytics

Flex Capacity


White labeling

Includes Locatee Portfolio Insights


Full setup included

Unlimited end-users

Single sign-on**

One-click booking

Booking Analytics

Flex Capacity


White labeling

Space Navigator

Dedicated customer success manager

Includes Locatee Portfolio Insights & Locatee Workplace Operations

*Prices on request. Locatee Terms & Conditions apply to all plans. **With OpenID Connect


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Why it works

YOU provide your employees with an easy way to get a space at the office

YOU easily enforce compliance with the latest COVID rules

YOU have an answer to critical questions about safety

YOU limit the number of no-shows and unused desks

YOU leverage the expertise of Locatee in workplace analytics and metrics

YOU benefit from a dedicated Locatee team that will set up the solution for you

WE take over the hard work and guarantee your success.

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