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The ROI Calculator 2022

Realize financial goals in 2022 by calculating your Corporate Real Estate savings potential!

Tigers are adventurous, brave and determined – and so are we.

With the backing of a recent $8 million investment round, we are entering the Year of the Tiger with a brand new team in Singapore! 

Our mission? Providing enterprises with the right workplace analytics to cut costs and create places where people love to work.

Real estate is the second largest cost item and thus plays an important role in the future profitability of a company. With our ROI calculator you can calculate the hidden savings of your Corporate Real Estate portfolio and start to realize your financial goals in 2022.

Keeping track of an entire real estate portfolio can be challenging. Thus, key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial in making fact-based decisions and representing them to other stakeholders. Various measurement methods are available.

So, what potential lies hidden in your real estate portfolio? Calculate your individual optimisation potential with our ROI calculator based on CBRE’s study “Space Utilisation: The Next Frontier“.

Let 2022 be the year where we all realize our financial goals.

Happy Lunar New Year!

About the author


Lars Thalmann

Growth Marketing Coordinator

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