The Workplace Insights Standard – July 2022


  • Meeting rooms avg: average monthly occupancy of meeting rooms
  • Meeting rooms peak: peak occupancy of meeting rooms reached during the month 
  • Collaboration spaces avg: average monthly occupancy of collaboration spaces
  • Collaboration spaces peak: peak occupancy of collaboration spaces reached during the month
  • Desk avg: average monthly occupancy of desks (excl. individual offices)
  • Desk peak: peak occupancy of desks reached during the month (excl. individual offices)
  • Meeting rooms vs collaboration spaces: as defined per each customer setup. Generally speaking, meeting rooms are bookable as opposed to collaboration spaces which are open/first come first serve spaces.

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If anything, our conclusions from May are being validated and confirmed by the additional data. As we have seen, overall utilization is slightly lower from May to June. And this is clearly visible as well when we look at desks utilization peaks. However, this doesn’t seem to affect the utilization of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces – on the contrary, despite lower occupancy numbers, these spaces keep being increasingly utilized!

The factors behind these opposite trends are unclear. Could it be that companies have started to focus on orchestrating “punctuated collaboration” intently, thus ensuring that employees are indeed more systematically using the office for collaborative events? 

Or could it be that with averaged peaks close or superior to 70% for meeting rooms across a large number of sites, there is already, in many of these sites, a saturation phenomenon – and hence even with less people in the office, the demand was actually higher than the supply and thus, still high enough to increasingly fill out the spaces?

If that is the case – something that obviously is analyzed in a much more granular manner, floor by floor, by our customers in Locatee – this points to a far more urgent need to transform and reallocate space. Are you already transforming your office? What are your “big bets” to create a great workplace experience?


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About the author

Raphael Morgulis

Raphael Morgulis

PR & Analyst Relations Manager

Raphaël is our PR/AR manager at Locatee. As a young child, he was fascinated with connecting the dots images where drawing lines between disconnected spots created a meaningful and beautiful image. He hasn't changed that much since, as he now tries to do the same with words for a living.

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