COVID-19 Solution: Bring your workforce back into the office safely, compliantly, and successfully with Locatee Portfolio Insights

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Adrian Dömer, Head of Department Real Estate & Infrastructure at FHNW, gave Locatee an interview and uncovered how he benefits from the workplace analytics solution. Watch the video and learn more about how FHNW uses Locatee!

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Read the full case study and learn how Locatee enables Swiss Re to uncover global workplace insights.

Read the full case study and learn how Locatee and MeteoViva deliver the data basis for fact-based real estate decisions.

Read the full case study and learn how Locatee enables Swiss Re designing the office of the future.

Read the full case study to learn more about the power of occupancy data.

Read how Biogen is optimising its long-term workspace strategy while improving space efficieny and saving costs.

“Locatee Analytics provides objective data on the utilisation of different departments, zones, floors and buildings. These data highly enable FM managers to take objective decisions with a long-term impact, such as to guide through discussions with line managers on their space requirements as the FM manager can lead the discussion and take data-driven decisions based on the trustworthy data: define the peak utilisation and the right number of required workplaces, accordingly.

Furthermore, Locatee Analytics allows us to optimise our portfolio planning and space efficiency, which results in a high ROI. For example, as EY is continuously measuring the occupancy across different office buildings, we are able to plan the new office building in Geneva according to the actual utilization and the identified space needs of the employees to increase their productivity and happiness, as well as to optimise the footprint.”

Peter Fehlmann, Head of Logistics and Facility Management Switzerland, Ernst & Young

Read the full case study to learn how Locatee enables a data-driven office space management.

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