A Strategic Guide for CREM: Measure – Manage – Master

What you can’t measure, you can’t manage.
What you can’t manage, you can’t master.

Managing the physical office space has become a business-critical topic for organisations around the world. While this may be of good news for you as a corporate real estate professional, there are still many hurdles and struggles to face:

  • Do you lack the appropriate information or the tools to perform your function to the best of your capacity?
  • Do you still feel unable to contribute to your organisation proactively or strategically?

Therefore, we compiled a strategic guide for corporate real estate professionals who recognise their potential and wish to improve their standing within their company and on the industry market. It aims to help understand different aspects to consider, measures to take, and provides specific proposals on how to master the challenges which can be expected on the path towards the future of work.


Get the guide!

You’ll find: 

  • 3-dimensional model explaining how company goals, industry trends, and KPIs can influence your action plan and long-term strategy
  • corporate real estate road map which will lead you through the 3 dimensions and suggest the most relevant aspects for your strategy
  • 2 scenarios that will exemplify possible strategies on your way to becoming an influential strategist and proactive leader within your organisation

About the author

Michelle Pijanowski

Michelle Pijanowski

Marketing and Content Coordinator

A traveller at heart, Michelle has always been excited by storytelling and connecting with people from all walks of life. Her passion for content creation started when she accidentally landed an internship in marketing that ended up leading her into the worlds of social media and journalism. Now equipped with a degree in Communication and Media from the University of Calgary in Canada, she supports the Locatee team as the Junior Marketing Manager.

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