Locatee receives CHF 3 million guaranteed loan funding from Switzerland’s Technology Fund

Locatee has received a CHF 3 Million loan guarantee from the Swiss Technology Fund. Read the press release here.

Press Release

Zurich, February 11, 2021 – Locatee, the leading SaaS provider for Workplace Analytics, receives a loan guarantee of three million Swiss francs from the Swiss Technology Fund. The Technology Fund provides loan guarantees to Swiss companies that enable novel products for sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


“We are very pleased to receive the support of the Swiss Technology Fund. With our analyses of the actual use of office space, we enable companies to sustainably protect the environment,” explains Thomas Kessler, CEO and co-founder of Locatee. “The optimization potential for our customers is huge: space savings are a key lever for reducing emissions. But the data can also be used for further optimization to protect the environment.”


To exploit the full potential of a data collection, Locatee collects the relevant data – anonymously and without the use of additional hardware – and prepares it visually. Corporate real estate managers with the challenge of making large office spaces as efficient as possible while benefiting employees can use Locatee to optimize their office space. This includes more sensible air-conditioning of the rooms, avoiding food waste in canteens or optimized cleaning processes. These are all already practical use cases that help save emissions. Ideally, companies can even use Locatee to reschedule entire new construction projects, save on construction costs and materials, and preserve green spaces.


In addition to sustainability and the responsible use of resources, Locatee is also following the ongoing debate about different workplace models, and here, too, it emphasizes the importance of a solid data basis: “Especially in times when workplace models such as remote work are becoming firmly established alongside traditional office work, it is more important than ever to gain insights into one’s own office usage and utilization,” explains Thomas Kessler. “We want to work with corporate real estate managers and decision makers to shape the future of working and make it more environmentally friendly!”


About the Technology Fund

The Technology Fund is a climate policy instrument of the federal government. The strategic responsibility for the implementation of the Technology Fund lies with the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Climate Division.

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Michelle Pijanowski

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A traveller at heart, Michelle has always been excited by storytelling and connecting with people from all walks of life. Her passion for content creation started when she accidentally landed an internship in marketing that ended up leading her into the worlds of social media and journalism. Now equipped with a degree in Communication and Media from the University of Calgary in Canada, she supports the Locatee team as the Junior Marketing Manager.

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