UPC Success Story

How Locatee supports UPC by providing objective and realiable data that led them to added-value on different levels.

Download the UPC Success story and find out how Locatee supports UPC with

  • Objective and realiable data
  • Indentifying under-utilised areas and floors
  • Automatically created management reports
  • Proactively identifiying organisational changes


About the author

Michelle Pijanowski

Michelle Pijanowski

Marketing and Content Coordinator

A traveller at heart, Michelle has always been excited by storytelling and connecting with people from all walks of life. Her passion for content creation started when she accidentally landed an internship in marketing that ended up leading her into the worlds of social media and journalism. Now equipped with a degree in Communication and Media from the University of Calgary in Canada, she supports the Locatee team as the Junior Marketing Manager.

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