Improved Workspace Experience at Swiss Post with the Locatee Analytics Smartphone Application

We have successfully rolled out the smartphone application at Swiss Post and thereby support the employees in their daily business: The smartphone app makes it easy to find colleagues, free meeting room and free desks.

As an innovative pioneer, Swiss Post relies on the latest technology to improve its employees’ work experience. Providing a modern work environment is one of the central measures. Since early 2016, Swiss Post therefore uses Locatee’s big data platform. After having successfully implemented and used Locatee Analytics for space optimisation during the last 2.5 years, it was time for the next step: The rollout of Locatee’s smartphone application.

This new tool helps the employees to easily search for and find colleagues and free desks. Like this, employees no longer waste time with looking for peers and the preferred workspaces. The app not only helps to increase efficiency, it also helps to improve the overall work experience as it provides the appropriate information and zoning plans to find their way around the building easily.

The app relies on data from Locatee Analytics which has so far been used to measure space utilisation in Swiss Post’s office buildings. Despite its accuracy, Locatee ensures data protection for the app users. The employees have the choice to opt-in if they want to be found, respectively opt-out if they do not want to be found by their colleagues. However, even when opted-in, individual data is only used for the live view and is not stored for historical analysis (read more about privacy).


“The app is the next step for an optimal usage of the building utilisation data, gathered with Locatee Analytics and enables improved collaboration among users.”

– Carine Bommeli, Innovation and Projects, Post Real Estate


To ensure a smooth launch, Swiss Post has implemented several internal communication measures: Besides distributing information flyers, conducting a raffle and dispatching newsletters, a guide is used to describe how the app can be downloaded from Swiss Post’s own app store. Following the successful rollout, the expansion to other office buildings is being examined now.

Get in touch if you would like to get more information about Locatee Analytics and the advantages for your employees.

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Flurin Mueller

Flurin Mueller

Head of Product

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