Gain insight into the 2022 survey results and find out how 50 North American executives in CRE, workplace, and facilities management are beginning to re-establish a normal process of operations following the impact of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.


Locatee’s Thought Leadership and Research Manager, Sabine Ehm is joined by Dayann Charles, Industry Analyst at Verdantix to present and elaborate on how organizations improving data collection and utilization is key to building agility for future strategy development.


Join our free webinar for a deeper look into the current state of affairs pertaining to offices and guidance for navigating this time of uncertainty.


Many companies have spent months preparing for the great return, but even as offices begin to open up, it looks like hybrid work is here to stay!

The shift to a permanent flexible model will offer a unique opportunity for organizations to optimize their office spaces to increase productivity and engagement. In order to make the most of the opportunity, agile companies will have to ask questions like ‘Which teams collaborate?’, ‘How much time do people spend in the office?’, ‘Are workers spending time in their assigned neighborhoods?’, and more!

Join our free webinar to see Locatee’s newest feature, Team Analytics, in action and learn how you can use it to:

○  Right-size office space to meet team’s needs

○  Enable productive teams by implementing a hybrid work success policy

○  Allocate costs to teams based on actual usage


Watch the full webinar here:

Webinar Host

Gianluca Tumiatti, Sales Director – UK & Italy at Locatee


A new era of work, characterized by flexible models and employee-centered offices, is bringing with it countless new concepts and buzzwords that workplace leaders will have to add to their lexicon.

The differences between terms like, hybrid work and remote work, or hot desking and hoteling, may feel insignificant. But as fast-paced companies focus on analyzing their workplace models and establishing metrics for success, having a solid grasp of both old and up-and-coming terms will be vital.

Join Locatee’s Thought Leadership Manager, Sabine, & Research Analyst, Lauren, to learn about the pre-pandemic terminology that is here to stay, and the hybrid work terms that will pave the way for our return to office!

Watch the full webinar here:

Webinar Hosts

Sabine Ehm, Thought Leadership and Research Manager at Locatee

Lauren Dreifuss, Research Analyst and Trend Scout at Locatee


A new year has begun and companies are looking beyond the basics of getting people back to the office. With return-to-work plans meticulously laid out, organizations can start to focus on other aspects of optimizing their portfolios.

Watch this webinar to see how you could be integrating workplace data for operational excellence.

  • Save costs with smart cleaning
  • Reduce energy consumption with occupancy-driven HVAC systems
  • Prevent food waste with smart catering


Watch the replay:

Webinar Host

Eva Forster, Lead Pre-Sales Engineer at Locatee

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