A Workplace in Transition – 2022 Study

Organizations have begun returning to their offices, yet how these workspaces are being utilized has changed – and is anticipated to change even more so in the future.

The ultimate purpose of the office is unclear to many. Businesses need to become more agile, be deliberate in how they design their spaces for their employees, and set themselves up for future workplace success by investing in the right technologies. Firms also need to change their measures of success, focusing less on density and more on the value of their spaces.

A Workplace in Transition , a commissioned study conducted by Verdantix, provides corporate real estate executives insights into the current state of affairs pertaining to offices and guidance to help businesses navigate this time of uncertainty. It focuses on the US market as a follow up to the 2021 study, The State of CRE in the US.


What's inside:

  • How the pandemic changed business and workplace goals
  • A detailed look at how workplace strategies are starting to embrace employee input
  • An overview of how firms are shifting focus from driving density to more value-based workspaces
  • Steps that companies can take to build agility for future strategy development

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