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In light of the extraordinary situation brought on by COVID-19, keeping an eye on office occupancy and utilisation has reached a new stratosphere of significance. Whereas leaders and managers previously looked to workplace utilisation data to measure efficiency and identify optimisation opportunities, the focus of 2020 has all but shifted to creating a safe, healthy, and low-risk environment. Managing workplace occupancy is now a business-critical need.

Locatee understands the unprecendented challenges facing executive leadership, real estate managers, and facilities teams, which is why we’ve made our Portfolio Insights features available as a standalone pack.

When you sign up for Locatee’s Portfolio Insights Starter Pack before June 14, 2020:

  • –   Installation and hosting fees completely waived (normally priced at CHF 20,000)
  • –   Pay for 6 months of measurement data, and Locatee will match an additional 6 months
  • –   View workplace utilisation timelines across all measured sites (not included standard Portfolio Insights package)

Learn more about the limited-time Portfolio Insights Starter Pack and download the fact sheet or contact us.



Watch this webinar to hear how Swiss Re is designing the office of the future with portfolio-wide location-based services and space optimisation.

Do you prefer to have a good read? No problem, download the in-depth experience report.

Watch the webinar now and learn how basing decisions on objective data can help you to not only avoid or reduce costs, but also meet employees’ space needs.


Watch the video now and contact us for more information.

Watch the video now and contact us for more information.


This step-by-step video shows you how to identify and realise space optimisation and consolidation scenarios.

Watch the video now and contact us for more information

Get the business case now and contact us for more information

Get the business case and contact us for more information.

Download the metrics cheat sheet to get to know the most relevant utilisation KPIs. Contact us for more information.

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