Already excited for the next ski season too?

We’ve been to winter wonderland. Watch what we’ve experienced at this year’s winter event!

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This was our winter team event in 2019, one of our two team events we have every year. Two of Locatee’s core values are “Friendship”, the ability to care about one another and have fun together, and “Passion”, which we can find in whatever we choose to do.

You won’t find a single Locateer who doesn’t agree with this, especially after having spent the most fantastic time together up in the mountains.

This meant once more that we set up our “Out of Office” notifications, traded in our laptops for skis & snowboards, put on our goggles and by the time we would usually be getting up in the morning, we were already on our way to the top of our first slope.

group photo of people in front of chilihütta ski lodge


Benedikt, who could guide you through the area blindfolded, didn’t hesitate to lead us to the most adventurous slopes and to show us all the views. While Piotr was teaching himself to ollie and nollie on his board, and Charlotte was trying to catch up with the 70km/h speed of our rocket skiers, some were attending serious lessons on the magic carpet.

The best part was to see team building happening amongst everyone, although Philippe might beg to differ, given that he was covered in snow every time Sandro would pass’n’splash next to him 😉

snow covering camera in ski slopes


“I had just started working at Locatee before the ski event. All I can say is that the team is as fun in the office as out of the office. Already looking forward to the summer event!”

– Simon Berg-Ahlmann


After such a day full of emotions, a taste of fun après-ski and a delicious raclette were well deserved. Wait, that’s not all; the craziest ones carried on well into the night, skiing until 10pm.

But our sore muscles did not get the rest they craved, since the activities on the following day included some very serious sledging. Before the action started, we enjoyed a lunch of delicious specialties from Grison, which was completed by the most fitting dessert: a concoction of lack of sledging skills with a side of fresh snow.

ski lift in the night with slope


And this alpine experience concluded our weekend. Backpacks strapped on, we headed back home, eyes still sparkling and already looking forward to meeting again on Monday, when we would excitedly share stories of our fun in the cold over hot coffees.

Two beautiful, sunny days spent in fresh powder, oh wow! Moments like these remind us of the importance of friendship, and we’re proud of how highly Locatee values it.

We can’t wait to welcome new Locateers to our team and to introduce them to our cool company culture!

group photo of people with red and grey sledges in the snow


Or just watch our aftermovie:

What’s behind all that brainpower of Locatee Workplace Analytics? Naturally, our smart Locateers!
And to be fully honest, quite some (Loca)tears are being shed – tears of joy, that is! Because the Locatee Family is one to have fun, be it at work, wracking our brains until the cells hurt, or after work, practicing the Sun Salutation in our recently introduced in-house yoga sessions, or competing in a friendly game of Taboo. Feeling curious yet?

Locatee’s team events have proven to be unforgettable:
On our trip to the winter wonderland, we did some serious sledging, had team members who only know sunshine and flowers try skiing for the first time, and challenged each other at curling.
Since at Locatee, fortunes never come singly, there’s still more to tell… Have we talked about our visit to Bern yet? No? Well then it’s high time we did!
Our summer event took us all the way to the Swiss capital, where we took turns hitting the Nouss, climbed up and down the Gurten, and chased a fox through the old town. To make it sound less cryptic: In order to immerse our international team in Swiss culture, we journeyed to Bern. Having started the day with coffee and crispy croissants, we learned about and played the very old, traditional Swiss sport Hornussen. Those who love and those who fear heights alike then climbed the watch tower on Bern’s backyard mountain Gurten, before we took part in a treasure hunt, on which actual bears were seen, ice cream was devoured, light posts were sniffed at, and the river Aare was celebrated in a song. This eventful trip ended with us enjoying a summer night in the Rose Garden, raising glasses and revelling in delicacies.

However, this marvellous journey was no more than a puddle jump if compared to the 75’046km our globetrotters travelled on their Work Wherever You Want weeks.
Alex savoured the best ever hummus in Berlin, Flurin watched Roger Federer drop out of the US open in New York, Benedikt experienced a digital nomad’s lifestyle in Tokyo, and Artjom discovered his ravenous appetite for pineapples in Thailand.
And, whenever our co-workers, for example Gianluca or Sandro, go on business trips, they make good use of the opportunity and explore metropolitan cities like London and Amsterdam. We’re all for a healthy work-life-balance!

Let’s turn to diversity: a topic in constant danger of being discussed with empty words and of losing its essence in endless blether. So, we’re keeping it true and simple: We live diversity! Or as Mariel would say «Vivimos la diversidad», Niko «Ζούμε τη διαφορετικότητα», or Piotr «Cenimy różnorodność», Svenja «Mer läbed Diversität» and last but not least Charlotte: «Nous vivons la diversité». And these are only a few select examples.

Our story began with Benedikt and Thomas, and we’ve been growing ever since, with no end in sight. This regularly calls for celebration: Last year was our 3rd birthday and we gifted ourselves with the self-designed Locabeer. By now, we’ve come to a point where there’s a welcome breakfast for new team members almost every month: here at Locatee, the early birds don’t catch worms but rather tasty croissants, and on some occasions even homemade banana bread. Our increasing numbers finally allowed us to move house – right into our first office!

Locatee is the brain behind the operation, but it’s our employees who get it up and running in the first place and feed it constantly with new ideas, increasing our shared knowledge with every single new Locateer. At Locatee, we’re in it for the fun of it. Why else would we be sending out season’s greetings all over the world in the form of chocolate brains? And if you’re thinking we need special occasions in order to have fun together, you couldn’t be more wrong. Find out yourself!


Become our newest Locateer or Read more blogs on our Locatee blog page!

Due to our ambitious plans to expand globally, we’ve enlarged our team, and it will be growing even more in the future. In order to provide the optimal work environment for our employees, we decided to move. However, we remain in the emerging district of Zurich Altstetten. From now on, you can find us at this new address:

Albisriederstrasse 243a
CH-8047 Zürich

Find us on Google Maps

You can still reach us as follows:
Telephone: +41 43 508 51 23


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Our 2018 company review summarises an amazing year for Locatee. On our mission to create smart and occupant-oriented office buildings with our big data platform ‘Locatee Analytics’, we have travelled the world to spread the word, attended events, built up a community and have finally rolled out our solution on 6 continents!

Here’s a look back at 2018 and at what we’ve accomplished together in numbers.




photo of people smiling into the camera from above




Our team tripled in size and celebrated its 3rd anniversary this past year! We send out a warm welcome to all who have joined us and we are excited for every new addition in the year to come. Read more about Locatee’s journey here.



Some of our team members had the chance to take a ‘Work Wherever You Want Week’ this year. All of them together have travelled 75046 km to reach their dream destinations. Have a closer look at the experiences of Flurin in New YorkBenedikt in Tokyo and Alex in Berlin.



We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 team building events this year. The winter event was packed with fun activities in the snow. Read more about it here. Our summer event took place in Berne where we even had a try at the traditional Swiss sport ‘Hornussen’.






Our product has been rolled out in 67 cities on 6 continents.



We are continuously dedicated to improving our solution and making it better for our customers. This is why we have released 7 updates adding a variety of new features. Read about our updates here.



Striving for top-quality and exceptional product development entails the need to generate a myriad of new ideas. In order to do so we’ve held 33 brainstorming sessions, allowing our creativity to be set free.








This year, our sales team travelled 72’432 km in order to spread the word about Locatee and the use cases it covers to optimise your smart buildings.



Orgatec in Cologne, WORK 2.0 in London, and the Smart Workspace Design Summit in Amsterdam are only a selection of events we’ve attended this year. At a total of 11 events we could be seen giving out Toblerones to new potential customers, existing partners and all other great and interesting people. Read about WORK here or subscribe to our newsletter here in order to never again miss an event.



Our team has sent out 241’060 emails to spread the word about Locatee and explain in how many ways our solution may be beneficial to your company.







This year, we increased our number of followers on Linkedin by 52%. We are happy to update even more people on our events, products and company news. Follow us on LinkedIn and keep up to date with our newest posts.



Generating interesting content for our followers has become an integral part of our daily business. To deliver you further detail on our company and on the industry’s developments, we have spent a lot of time researching and writing 30 blog posts. Read all of them in our blog or news section!



Generating a newsletter is a great opportunity to inform all interested parties about our events, product updates, and company news. We have sent out 9 newsletter editions and more will follow! To never miss any company updates again, subscribe to our newsletter here.





We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’d like to thank YOU, because we could not have achieved all of these goals without our clients’ and partners’ help and we are hoping to reach even more milestones in the future!

See you next year!



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Locatee’s journey has been exciting to say the least. Today, we are operating across 6 continents in 20+ countries and our team has grown from 2 to…30!

Because building a company is about building a strong team, collaboration is a key factor for us. Through a flat organisation we encourage innovation, ownership and open communication so that everybody feels engaged in the dynamic of the group.

Benedikt and Thomas succeeded in transmitting every Locateer the excitement and engagement in the project: the result is a team heading in the same direction and communicating the same passion to the new joiners. Our fast-growing team is young, multi-cultural, passionate and talented that shares and cares for each other. Also, we live diversity and speak 10 different languages!

Our motto is to create a work environment where people want to work, not need to. This is not only our working culture but also what we want our customers to reach thanks to Locatee Analytics.

Let’s double again in the coming year! Take us to the next level and join us on our mission! Check out our job opportunities – you are also welcome to send us spontaneous applications, if you feel you can bring value to the team. Join Locatee’s Journey!


Read more blogs on our Locatee blog page.

Our winter team event 2018 in summary:

Two days of perfect weather, fresh air and some new talents on the slope, on the ice rink and even on the guitar.

By the way: We are looking for new colleagues to join us on our journey.

Check out what we’ve all done!


Cozy atmosphere






Beautiful scenery





A short break during an adventurous descent





Winter wonderland





Evening mood during our hike





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