Optimize your facilities management with workplace analytics

Granular data for smarter workplace management.
Detailed workplace utilization data turn your facilities planning and operations into corporate savings.

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Make sure your teams have the right space(s)

Respond to space requests with real utilization patterns and evaluate, approve or deflect these requests with data.

Go beyond simply analyzing if a team uses its own zones.
See if they tend to work in other team’s neighborhoods, and how you can inform your space planning (reduce teams assigned space, bring teams together etc.)


Get your spaces right

Use space type data to predict future space demand based on utilization patterns, leading to discussions with business leaders and senior executives based on evidence.

Understand which workplace features are well adopted (and by which teams) to avoid investing in elements that won’t be used.


Turn utilization data into cleaning costs savings

Historic and live data on your office usage helps you to reduce spend on unnecessary cleaning. Identify low usage zones and times in the week and adapt cleaning schedules.

Keep employees safe, ensure compliance, and run informed operations

When it comes to health & safety, employees demand nothing less than perfection. Space booking systems can’t provide the full picture required in this context – no-shows and no-bookings will happen and mess everything up.

Occupancy analytics is the only surefire way to identify and investigate breaches – where, when are they happening, how to take mitigating measures.

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