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Work Wherever You Want – London

Sabine Ehm worked for a week in London, where she explored different parts of the town, and also participated in a 3-day sewing workshop. Read about Sabine’s experience with Locatee’s flexible work week benefit for employees: “Work Wherever You Want”

Read about Sabine’s blog and her experiences with Locatee’s flexible work week benefit for employees: Work Wherever You Want

When I joined Locatee last year and learned about the company’s „Work Wherever You Want“-Week I got extremely excited! Where would I go? Options seemed endless, exotic ideas were flowing…I was pondering over San Francisco, Hawaii, Lisbon, Rome, Bali and ended up going to good old London. In November…

But it turned out to be the best choice. As I’ve been to London before I had done all the sightseeing and could go about getting a taste of „real“ life in London.



So, I actually picked two AirBnB’s for my stay in different neighborhoods and also switched between the four locations of the Co-Working space that I selected. That way I got to explore different parts of the town.

London apartment interior

Co-Working Space

My first conclusion – London public transport during morning rush hour is not my jam. But I found my routine, got some walking in in the morning in beautiful sunshine (very unusual this time of the year I was told), got the tube early and settled in a coffee shop for my first morning call – Zurich is one hour ahead so our morning huddles happened at 8am and the „Uncommon” Co-Working only opened then. Afterwards I moved there and made sure to get a stroll through the respective neighborhood at lunch break.

coworking space London


Why I had a lovely time

This time around in London didn’t feel like I was a tourist visiting the city. But I was part of it, living in a typical flat, commuting to work and getting a taste of the English way of life – spending Sunday with friends going for a walk and for Sunday roast, having a beer after work at the pub and going out to the country side joining in local Bonfire celebrations. Also, London is a paradise for vegan food available on every corner, which made me really happy.


The only downside really was that although I joined meetings and calls remotely, I missed being around my colleagues. So, I feel very grateful for having the freedom to combine my private interests (I actually went to the UK to participate in a 3-day sewing workshop) with work life, but I’m also very glad to be back home in the Locatee office.


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About the author

Sabine Ehm

Sabine Ehm

Thought Leadership & Research Manager

Sabine is our Thought Leadership & Research Manager at Locatee. As a former Corporate Real Estate Manager at Adidas and Siemens, she knows today's CRE challenges very well. Sabine hosts The Workplace Leader, the podcast where Locatee speaks with Corporate Real Estate executives to learn how they shape the next generation workplace.

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